What is the difference between The Hippie OG and The 2.0?

Price: $129.

  • Vaporizes Dry herb and wax.
  • The size is smaller than the Hippie OG.
  • It has a removable/rechargable battery.
  • 5 temperature change option.



Hippie OG:

Price: $139.

  • Vaporizes Dry herb only.  It could vaporizer wax, but it would be very sticky.
  • There is no screens to change, which makes for much easier maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is slightly bigger than the Hippie 2.0, however more portable since the mouthpiece is better attached than the Hippie 2.0.
  • Heats up super fast within 15 seconds.
  • Unique full glass chamber.
  • You may choose your exact desired temperature with the dialing ring.
  • Display screen also shows the battery level.
  • The battery is not removable like the Hippie 2.0, however still rechargeable.

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