What To Look For In Vape Mods

There are lots of vaporizer accessories currently on the market. This should not come to a surprise. Whether you are into vape pens, portable vaporizers, or full-blown, big-time, heavy duty, high-volume room vaporizers, you should start thinking about accessories. 


Let’s get one thing clear, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Some products can come close. A lot of brands are legendary for sure, but at the end of the day, everybody’s different. You may have a special way of doing things. Maybe you have unique preferences that are very special to you. 

You shouldn’t compromise. You shouldn’t settle, and it’s very easy to think that just because a product works, that this fact alone should provide enough justification for us to keep using it. What if you’re settling? What if you’re not really fully getting the kind of experience that you think you should be getting? 

This is where accessorization comes in. Just because you buy accessories, add-ons, or modifications, doesn’t mean that the main product that you are using is somehow deficient, or simply not up to the job. It’s not all about that. 

Instead, it means that you are looking to invest in the product so you can level it up to where it needs to go. You’re looking for a specific type of experience. You’re looking for a certain level of efficiency. You’re looking for convenience. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you don’t have to explain it to somebody else. Those are your needs. Aren’t you entitled to doing things your way? After all, you are spending your own hard-earned money on the device. 

Sure, other people might have an opinion, but they can keep those opinions to themselves. At the end of the day, it’s all about you, your enjoyment and the value you’re getting from the products you choose to use on a day-to-day basis. 

Keep this in mind because in the accessories market, especially in vaporizers, there are a lot of people who say, since they use certain types of vape mods, or vaporizer accessories for their vape pens, or they prefer a weed vaporizer add-ons, that those are the right products. 

That’s ridiculous. This all takes me back to high school. You remember high school, right? I’m sure a lot of your friends were into a certain type of music and then comes along this new guy who makes it his life’s mission to turn people onto another type of music. 

And once the crowd kind of warms up to the kind of music recommendations of this new trendy person, he turns his back on the stuff that he recommends, and he’s moved on to something more cutting-edge and better. 

It wasn’t really about the music in the first place. Instead, it’s really all about being perceived as a hit, cool, cutting-edge, on top of things. People are always looking out for something bigger, better, and what’s around the corner. 

This is sad because what works for them might not necessarily work for you. Focus instead on accessories, modifications, and other things that work for you. That’s the bottom line. You’re the one who is going to be spending money. You’re the one who’s going to be investing your resources. 

While I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to these other people, at the end of the day, you’re the one who is going to have to live with your decision. Believe me, I have seen this happen quite a bit. 

People read some sort of online review or recommendation, they get taken in by the amount of seemingly endless favorable reviews. But by the time the package comes, and they put the vaporizer in their mouth, they are let down. 

Maybe you are buying a vape pen. Maybe you are buying the main unit, or you’re buying an accessory or a vape mod, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it all goes back to the same basic question: Are you getting your money’s worth? 

Unfortunately, the only person who can answer that question is you, and this requires a tremendous amount of honesty. So do yourself a big favor when considering vape mods or vaping accessories, focus on what works for you. Focus on your interests. Focus on your preferences. Focus on your needs.  I know that’s a lot to focus on, especially when it comes to a fairly basic piece of hardware like a vaporizer, but the bottom line is you are using that device to enjoy yourself. You are using that device to unlock the very best in life. You need the best equipment for that, so insist on nothing less.

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How To Pick Out The Best Vaporizers

Vaporizers, unlike pipes, are devices that heat up a liquid or plant material without burning it. In the process, a lot of water vapor is produced. If you’ve ever gone to a concert, and you see this massive cloud rising from the crowd, that’s a vaporizer, water moisture. 


It sure beats smoke by a long shot. I’ll get into that in a little bit, but when people use a vaporizer, they use a device that heats up the feedstock, if you will, to a certain point where a lot of the compounds are released into a water vapor, which is then inhaled. This is so much healthier for you; vapor versus smoke. 

When you burn anything, maybe it involves leaves, sticks, woody parts, or any other type of plant material, you’re not just creating visible smoke, you’re creating carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very powerful poison. People die of carbon monoxide poison all the time. 

Maybe they fell asleep in the garage, and the car is running. Maybe they’re in an enclosed space, and there’s some sort of exhaust in the room. Whatever the case may be, carbon monoxide is a very powerful brain-killer; it kills your brain through asphyxiation or cutting off your supply of oxygen. It crowds out oxygen, your body can’t process it, and you die. 

The worst part is carbon monoxide is odorless. It is also colorless. It is the perfect chemical killer. And guess what? It’s in cigarette smoke. In fact, there are several hundred chemical compounds released when people smoke a cigarette. 

Make no mistake, burning plant material to produce smoke (meaning you consume the stock) is bad news. If you are already scared of carbon monoxide, wait, it gets even worse. When you burn plant material, you produce tar. 

If you’ve ever visited highways out in the city or certain parts of your city, you would notice a lot of asphalt on the ground; part of that is tar. It stinks, it’s sticky, and it is very harmful to your health. 

That’s precisely the kind of stuff people paint into the sensitive inner linings of their lungs whenever they smoke. When they burn something to release smoke, and then they inhale it in their lungs, tar is in the picture, and tar is bad news. 

Vaporizers are so much better for you. They use water vapor so you get to enjoy the biochemical goodies in water vapor instead of smoke. Also, a lot of the several hundred harmful chemicals released by the burning process aren’t in your vapor. You’re free of all that because you did not burn plant material in the first place. 

It is no surprise that a lot of people are switching over to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. If you’re looking for the very best vaporizer, you have to look at vaporizing efficiency. This is the number-one factor you should look for. 

A lot of people are under the impression that you should look at the brand, or you should look at the capacity. No, you should look at the quality of the vapor you would get. Does it do a good job the first time around? Does it use up less energy while producing a high vapor output? 

These should be the main considerations you should look at. Everything else, pretty much, is secondary. Sure, a unit may look good to you, but what’s the point? That’s just cosmetic. 

Focus instead on you being able to maximize the value you get from the product every time you turn it on and take a draw. If the vapor is nice, clean, and tight, you know you that you have the very best product in your hands.





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You have to get the right e-cig accessories to truly enjoy your electronic cigarette

A lot of people think that the typical electronic cigarette is a self-enclosed and fully complete unit. There’s a lot of truth to this impression, but please understand that just like any other kind of equipment, there’s always room for improvement.


It doesn’t really matter how renowned the brand of your product is. If you have used it for any period of time, you probably would notice certain areas for improvement, or you may have some needs that the product isn’t fulfilling. 

Not this doesn’t mean that you are in any way, shape or form dissatisfied with the product. Instead, just like most consumers, you really want to take your experience to the next level. This is where accessories come in. 

The situation that I’ve just described actually applies across the board. It is not in any way restricted to electronic cigarettes, vape pens, or any other electronic cigarette, or e-cig-related inhalation device. This is a very common consumer experience. Maybe you have a blender. Maybe you have a car. Maybe you have some sort of lawn maintenance equipment. Any product that you use will always have room for improvement; maybe it doesn’t fit your set of circumstances like a glove. Maybe you have certain special needs. Maybe you find yourself in certain situations, and it would be great if the product is more convenient, or more effective or efficient. 

Whatever the case may be, people have always looked at accessorization as a way of really maximizing the value that they get from the product, as well as getting the product to live up to its fullest potential. 

Take the case of cars. Cars have been around for a long, long time, and believe me, the aftermarket accessory marketplace is not going to go away anytime soon. In fact, the first few mass-manufactured cars that came out were accessorized. 

You really can’t blame people for thinking this way because this is part of the human condition. We are not quite content with the things that we have. We are always looking for something bigger, brighter, and better. 

Maybe a log of this is subjective. Maybe a lot of this is just how we look at our possessions or our relationship with our possessions. But for whatever reason, maybe it’s emotional, or maybe it has something to do with social status; we are constantly looking for more. 

This really is the whole animating force behind the accessory market. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. Maybe we are talking about cars. Maybe we’re talking about planes. Maybe we’re talking about kitchen equipment. There will always be a massive market for accessories. 

The electronic cigarette space is not immune to this. In fact, if you really want to maximize the value of the vapor you get from this type of product, it’s a good idea to accessorize. 



The problem with stock equipment 


Don’t get me wrong. Solid brands in the electronic cigarettes space have developed a following, precisely because they can do the job right. They have enough value going for them. They are enjoyed by a large group of people. That is why they’ve developed a solid brand. 

After all, you can’t develop a reputation unless people can see that you can consistently produce some sort of outcome that they desire. That goes without saying, but even within this branded space, there are places where people would look for accessories. There are situations where users would look for something that would really level up their enjoyment of a particular e-cig product. This is where accessories come in. 



What can you accessorize? 


When it comes to electronic vapor inhalation devices, you can pretty much accessorize everything. First of all, you can accessorize the e-cig pipe. This is the main chamber in which you can draw the vapor. You can also accessorize the e-cig battery. 

Believe me, as pretty as your unit may be if it runs out of battery life, it’s useless. What’s really frustrating about all of this is that you don’t know when it is going to give up. Depending on the design of your e-cig, you may be completely in the dark. 

There you are taking draw after draw, enjoying that nice vapor passing around the vape pen or e-cig among your friends. Everybody is having a great time, then all of a sudden, one of you can’t draw anymore. There’s no more vapor because the device has died. Talk about a spoiler, talk about a bummer, talk about a letdown. 

This happens quite a bit because of battery life issues. One of the most common ways electronic cigarette owners accessorize their device is to invest in better e-cig battery brands. Just like in any market, there is no shortage of specialist brands. 

In the e-cig space, there are specialized electronic cigarette batteries. That’s all they do, they produce batteries all day, every day. They eat, sleep, and drink batteries. If you have ever had an electronic cigarette die on you, you would know first-hand how crucial this seemingly insignificant detail is. 

It’s too easy to take batteries for granted, but the problem is you need specialized batteries. I’m not just talking about the typical lithium-ion combination that you can pick up at any grocery store. You’re more than welcome to do that, but chances are you probably would end up with something cheap and short-lived. They don’t last all that long. 

You’re more likely to be let down in the worst time possible. It helps tremendously to pick lithium-ion electronic cigarette batteries that are specially designed for the aftermarket space. They tend to have a longer life. They tend to accommodate a lot more electronic designs on the currently on the market, and they are designed with maximizing vaporizer value in mind. 

Don’t forget to accessorize your tanks. There are e-cig tanks currently available in the market. These are great backup tanks, as well as main tank replacements. The main reason why these types of products have entered the electronic cigarette marketplace in the first place is that a lot of stock e-cig tanks out there are simply not up to the job. 

Either they don’t fit all that well, or they get knocked off fairly easily. This is not all that surprising, because it’s easy to think that an electronic cigarette is really just the vapor inhalation device itself. May it’s the e-cig pipe. Maybe it’s the chamber. Maybe it’s the heating component or heating coil. 

But lost in all of this is the e-cig tank. Maybe it’s not up to the job. Maybe it’s placed in the wrong spot. No matter how your slice and dice it, there’s always room for improvement. This is why it’s a good idea to get this type of accessory. 

You know that if you pick up aftermarket e-cig tanks, that they’ve been designed to go with certain models and optimize your enjoyment of that vaporizer device model. They’re not intended for general use. They’re not intended just for general replacement. 


The ultimate accessory 


The ultimate accessory, of course, when it comes to electronic cigarettes is the juice. This should not be a mystery. One of the most appealing things about electronic cigarettes, vaporizers in general, is that you’re not stuck with one particular flavor or one particular juice blend. 

The only limit to the different kinds of formulations out there is your imagination. Seriously, no joke, electronic cigarette juice has really come a long way. Back in the day, the only products you could get are simply just basic flavors, and all of them had nicotine. 

Now, there are e-cig juice formulations where nicotine is optional. As far as the flavors are concerned, we’re talking about microbrewery type of selection. If you’ve ever gone to a microbrewery in your local city, you would know that there are lots of beer types available to you, and that’s what makes them a lot of fun. 

They’re not a one-trick pony. You’re not pushed to just make one selection. As you probably already know, variety is a spice of life. The more you can select from, the more value you get out of a product or an experience. 

E-cig juice aftermarket accessories and products really bring to life the electronic cigarette. You’re still using one simple device, but you can feed it all sorts of juice to enjoy a wide range of experiences. You end up really claiming that experience because whatever it is you are vaporizing truly reflects your taste. 

Let me pick out my big time favorite from Hippie Vaporizer!

Great tasting blend Back2Woodstock.

It’s all about you. You’re not trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations. You’re not trying to copy somebody. You’re just being yourself. And that vaporizer cloud around you, while it may look like other vaporizer clouds out there, has your own unique fingerprint, so to speak. 

When people get close enough, they can smell that distinct scent that you yourself selected. What’s so exciting about e-cig juice accessories out there is that they allow for blending; you can mix and match. You can slice and dice the different attributes of these e-cig blends. 

The bottom line is you end up with an e-cig juice that makes sense to you. It’s your thing. There’s nothing to apologize for. There’s nothing to explain. It’s just you. Isn’t that awesome? 

The bottom line about accessorization is that it’s a celebration of you. You have your own specific needs. You have your own specific way of doing things. Why not reflect all of that in your product choices? You definitely have your own unique personality. 

So if you’re looking for the very best electronic cigarette experience. Look into proper accessorization. It would really take your experience to the next level.

Get the best accessories from HippieVaporizer!

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Can You Really Trust E-cig Forums?

Forums, of course, are online message boards. These are places online where people who share a common interest in certain topics hang out online. In a typical forum, people ask and answer questions. People also introduce themselves. These platforms are great for vendors, service providers and other commercial players to make a name for themselves.

In fact, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and other platforms are really just glorified versions of old-school forums and online message boards. This is why it's a good idea to visit eCig forums if you are looking for specific information about electronic cigarettes. Whether you're into vape pens or any other nicotine delivery devices, you really are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage if you neglect or consciously overlook eCig forums. These are places where people can ask very specific questions.

Let's put it this way. If you're just going to ask general questions, chances are you will be well served by a general Google search. Don't be surprised if you get the answer that you’re looking for on page 1.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The more specific your question or the “weirder” your question, the harder it is to get a straight answer from Google. This can be very, very frustrating. I know it sounds crazy since Google has gone through several generations of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In fact, it could be said that Google software actually learns and grows exponentially year after year.

But even with all that cutting-edge software evolutionary technology, there are several questions that simply stump Google. You can't get a straight answer. At best, you can get fragments of the answer from one website so you click on one set of results. Then you go through another set.

It can get very boring very quickly. Worse yet, you don't know whether you can trust this information because you’re just piecing it all together. You're doing things by the seat of your pants, and this can get really dangerous if you have to make some sort decision based on them. This is especially problematic if you are looking for medical information. Do you see how this works?

This is why forums are so awesome. When you ask a question in a forum, there's a high chance that people who are replying actually know what they’re talking about. In the off-chance that they are completely clueless, putting on a show or just trying to impress people, others will call them out on it.

These callouts can be blatant and “in your face” or they can be subtle. Whatever the case may be, other people will step in and give you their views. The best responses are those that are backed up by facts. You remember those, right?

Facts are crucial because, let’s face it if you’re going to have an opinion, base it on something real. Don’t base it on your feelings. Don’t base it on something bad that happened to you. Don’t base it on fantasies you have of how the world should be. Instead, base it on facts. Base it on something that all of us could agree on.

That’s how you tell really great forum responses. Great forum replies are based on solid facts. Maybe they would link you to some sort of study. Perhaps they would break down some sort of statistical analysis of a survey. Maybe they would show pictures that diagram what they’re talking about. Whatever the case may be, you get facts and you get clear logic.

I’m not trying to get you all excited here. I’m not trying to pump you up only to let you down. Please understand that the quality of the answers you get can vary tremendously from forum to forum.

Some forums tend to be populated by people who talk before they think. They basically just repeat what they’ve heard in the past or they let their negative attitude get the better of them, and you get what you get. Other people are very close-minded, and no amount of facts would make them change their opinion and they produce certain types of opinions.

There is always a risk that you will run into these or variations of these. Still, when you do enough searching through forums, quality responses become quite obvious. They rise to the top.

One particular set of forums may be worth your time. These are E-cig Reddit sub-forums. They’re awesome because they have lots of material. I’m talking about thousands upon thousands of posts.

They also have very granular information. That’s a fancy word for saying that their information is very, very specific. How specific? We’re talking about specific product launches pushed out by brands. These brands are both well-known as well as upstarts and up and coming stars.

Whatever the case may be, the mere size of Reddit sub-forums enables you to enjoy a tremendous amount of choice as far as the information you can choose to believe and process. A lot of their posts have pictures and videos, and their questions on discussions are very targeted. You’re not going to get the same basic question of “Which eCig should I get?” repeated a million times over.

Instead, you get breakdowns of different questions. You also see different situations discussed. This way, if you run into some sort of weird situation or unique problem when you look at the posts made regarding that situation, you quickly realize that your situation is not as unique as you previously thought.

But are Reddit E-cig Sub-Forums All They are Cracked Up to Be?

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s very easy to get excited about Reddit eCig sub-forums. It seems that they are a great resource because of all the advantages and features I have described above. The problem is, just like any other online forum, there can be a disconnect between our expectations and what we really get. In other words, we want all sorts of things but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will get them from one place.

However, despite all of this, I would suggest that you still start with Reddit eCig sub-forums. At the very least, you’re starting with something that is very targeted, very specific and is more likely to give you the information you're looking for. Compare this with just doing a random Google search. It may well turn out that you would get directed to Reddit eCig sub-forums anyway; but if you weren’t, you probably would be wasting a lot of time chasing down information that you could have easily found instantly on Reddit.

Despite its comparative value, these sub-forums suffer from the structural weaknesses that almost all other forums suffer from. Reddit is not immune to these forum-related problems. These problems existed in the past and caused a lot of headaches; they’re crossing a lot of problems today, and they probably will continue to be a hassle long into the future.

They are just part of the game. There’s really nothing you can do about them because whenever you have an online platform where people share information, there will always be “problematic people” entering the mix.

These range from people who are simply clueless and spouting off information that they know nothing about.

There are also people who just repeat stuff that is irrelevant just because they just want to feel smart.

Other people are very stubborn and don't want to be educated.

Other people are very negative that they always call you out and make you feel dumb.

Finally, there are scammers. These are people who are not interested in the truth. Instead, their agenda is the complete opposite. They're making money spreading lies. They're making money tearing down brands and propping up brands that are not as worthy.

You get a mix of people, and their byproducts in the form of the posts that they produce will always be there. This is not going to go away because this is part of the human condition. There's a lot of self-policing involved as I mentioned above when people call each other out but, at the end of the day, sometimes you end up a day late and a buck short.

It's a good idea to be aware of the structural weaknesses of Reddit eCig sub-forums and online message boards in general. By being prepared for these and being aware of how things could go south, you can at least salvage usable information. This way, the time you spend on these sub-forums would not be a complete and total waste.

What problems are we talking about? Why are these forums not what they appear and how do they disappoint people?

First of all, there's a lot more than meets the eye. It may seem like somebody is answering a question, but it turns out that the person has an agenda. If somebody is acting dumb and spouting up the wrong information time and time again, there's a point in time where you basically have to be suspicious and ask yourself “Is this person just really suffering from a low IQ or is this person intentional in misleading readers regarding a specific brand, a specific device or some other thing.

Also, there's a lot of conflict of interest. This is most common when it comes to reviews. When people post a review of a product, you would think that this person did your homework for you. Well, they’re not the Mother Teresa of the Internet. They're not going through all the time, effort and energy of producing a review just because they had nothing else better to do.

You can bet that they are making money off that review because it turns out that a lot of online reviews, I would say more than 50% of them, are positive. They’re positive for a reason. They’re not positive because they have actually identified a product that you should buy.

Instead, they are positive because they want people to trust the review enough and to be “educated” by the review to buy the product that they feature. Do you see the conflict here? Their primary interest is to line their pockets with affiliate commissions. They couldn’t care less about you finding the best product for your needs. Your interest is to find the right product to solve a problem.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on these reviews because their interest is to earn a commission. If you think that’s a cause for concern, wait, it gets even worse.

Just like any other forum, there is always fraudulent activity. Now, I may not be blatant. People might not slap you with it. It’s not something that’s so obvious that you can spot it 10 miles away, but it’s always there. Either people leave out information or they invent stuff. There’s also a lot of fake activity.

It’s not unusual for a product to launch and, all of a sudden, all these random, completely new accounts keep praising this item. In many cases, you can read between the lines and you can easily tell that these comments are fake because if the product just launched, some of the commenters might say that they’ve been using it for years. How can that happen? It doesn’t make any sense. Do you see how this works?

There are definitely a lot of headaches with forums. I’m not singling out eCig sub-forums on Reddit and elsewhere, but you have to understand what could go wrong. For you to get the gold, you have to first go through the fire of the refining process. That’s how it works. If you just think that you just show up on these websites, pick up a recommendation and get the product that you deserve, you are probably going to have another thing coming.

The Ever-Present Problem of Electronic Cigarette Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest are so pervasive and can be so damaging that they deserve their own discussion in this article. Electronic cigarette reviews or eCig reviews usually suffer from conflicts of interest. This is not a surprise. This is nothing new because, as I have mentioned, there are tons of product reviews on the Internet and half the time, you really cannot take them at face value because they suffer from conflicts of interest at some level or other.

Your interest, once again, is to get the very best product that solves your problems. The interest of the person who produced that review is to get a commission. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

You have to be clear about this conflict and read between the lines with this conflict in mind. That’s how you tease out the information that is actually useful to you as you try to make an informed decision about your next purchase.

Conflict of Interest Also Applies to Regular Message Boards

Please understand that this issue pretty much applies across the board. The interesting issue is all about a reviewer who’s pushing you to buy, pushing you to trust fake reviews and pushing you to read self-interested garbage like comments, replies, and whatnot. See clearly through these. There are lots of fake social signals being sent out by people who are self-interested.

Be on the Lookout for Electronic Cigarette Fraud

Just like with any other online fraud on the Internet, you have to look for fake reviews, fake products for bait-and-switch, fake eCig coupon codes, fake eCig accessories and e-juice, and fake electronic cigarette launches. That’s a lot of fake stuff.

Unfortunately, they’re all over the place. If you are not paying attention, it may be only a matter until you too get victimized. It’s not going to be pleasant. You work hard for your money and it really would be a shame for you not to get the full value of all that cash that you worked so hard for.

There are many tricks people play online. What’s particularly annoying is the bait-and-switch. It’s not unusual for top-ranked or very well-known electronic cigarette brands to be advertised for a song on certain websites or featured in certain reviews. By a song, I’m talking about almost free.

However, when you try to buy it, it turns out that you have to jump through certain hoops and you might have to buy certain things, and it turns into a headache. Welcome to the world of bait-and-switch.

If you think that’s bad enough, wait, it gets even worse.

Look for Fake Activity

Another way to tease out reviews or message board reviews that suffer from a conflict of interest is to pay attention to the activity swirling around that content. If you noticed that people are commenting with the same basic message, you should be suspicious. It may well turn out that software is “writing” those responses to try to bait into believing the main review.

Also, pay attention to the comment’s writing style. These comments may not be saying the same thing but if they look like they were written by the same person, you should sit up and pay attention. You should be suspicious.

Pay attention to which accounts make the comments. If it turns out that most of the messages are coming from one account, you can safely discount the validity of that account and what that account has to say.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple. Beware of getting ripped off due to fake activities. Fake content is bad enough. Fake social signals and fake online activities can be murder on your budget.

If you’re looking for the best electronic cigarette product, you definitely have our work cut out for you. Still, online message boards for eCigs, vape pens, and any other electronic cigarette-related products are definitely great resources; however, you have to take them with a huge block of salt.

Thank you for reading our blog :)

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Your Complete Guide to Electronic Cigarette Coupon Codes

One of the best ways to save a lot of money on products that you buy online is through coupon codes. You may be thinking why would manufacturers or retailers and distributors hand out coupon codes? It boils down to promotions because, given the tremendous popularity of electronic cigarettes, vape pens, vaping devices as well as the rise of medical and recreational marijuana, there’s a huge demand for these types of devices.

Given the tremendous amount of manufacturers often based in China entering the US market, it’s easy to see electronic cigarette coupon codes have become quite popular. They need to establish a foothold. They need to find a marketing avenue to put their brand front and center.

If you’re not going to use a coupon code, if you’re not going to engage in some sort of creative discounting, you’re branding message is probably going to fall between the cracks. In fact, a new manufacturer may find itself struggling against a sea of other equally desperate and hungry manufacturers.

Please understand that the struggle for the US market share for electronic cigarettes is fierce and it changes on an almost daily basis. This is why offering cigarette coupon codes is a no-brainer for a lot of distributors, online players as well as manufacturers.

You Can Save a Lot of Money Using Product Code Coupons

Electronic cigarette coupon codes should be viewed in context. You should look at these coupon codes based on whatever else is going on, on the Internet. Since everybody’s getting into drop shipping and everybody’s playing around with some sort of online e-commerce presence, it’s easy to see why product coupon codes are almost everywhere online. It’s as if every manufacturer of whatever product line either has a specific discounted website or there is a general coupon code that applies to their products.

The truth is coupon codes are popular precisely because they work. They are a good way of letting new players in the market introduce themselves to new consumers without diluting their brand. This is the genius of a coupon code.

You’re not saying to your market that your brand is cheap and that you should only buy your brand if it’s priced within a certain range. That is financial suicide for new players. You don’t want to be viewed as a “discount brand.” That’s a kiss of death.

Instead, you highlight what’s so awesome about your brand and you then give people an “introductory” coupon code. It’s obvious that this introductory period is actually going to last several years. The good news is you get out from under the public impression that your brand is somehow some way “cheap.” You don’t want to do that.

Given this dynamic, it’s easy to understand why coupon codes are so popular. They apply across all product and service categories. They’re also great at motivating third-party promoters like affiliates. In fact, so many people are so excited about coupon codes that you would think that they are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to online marketing and promotion. Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is old.

The Problem with Coupon Codes

The problem with a lot of coupon codes on the Internet is saturation. Seriously. Consumers are not dumb. At first, they might click on every banner that they see but, after a while, they wise up. They become more selective.

As consumers get younger and younger, this “education time frame” gets shorter and shorter. Back in 1996, whenever you put up a banner, people would instinctively click it because it’s new; they haven’t seen it before. But now, good luck getting banner clicks.

The same applies to coupon codes. When they first rolled out, everybody jumped on despite the fact that they offered little savings, that a lot of them were fake and that a lot of them were actually disseminated by websites that are fake or fraudulent.

The problem with all of this is that when people get burned, they become gun-shy. They really do. They’re not as eager as before; they look before they leap and, worse yet, they become very demanding. In other words, there’s a backlash against the abuse that happened before.

It is no surprise that coupon codes, in general, are declining in popularity. I’m not saying that they’re dying out. They’re still all over the place. However, people are not instinctively asking for a discount code. Instead, they’re doing their homework because they’ve been around the block a few times. They know that, in many cases, there are no savings for the product that you’re looking for.

Let’s put it this way. You go to a coupon code website. They feature all sorts of coupon codes for blenders. Let’s assume you’re looking for a blender. The problem is, despite this wealth of coupon codes offering 10% all the way to 50% off blenders, there is no coupon code for the specific product or brand you’re looking for. In other words, you just wasted your time.

This is the problem with coupon codes and the electronic cigarettes’ market is not any different. The eCig market is not immune to the vulnerabilities of coupon codes. As a consumer, you have to be wise about this. You have to know what’s going on. That’s why you need to read the step-by-step guide to using eCig coupon codes below.

How to Use E-Cig Coupon Codes the Right Way to Maximize Your Savings

Step #1: Pick the right eCig

The first thing that you need to do is to pick the eCig product that is the right one for you. This is, of course, subjective. Everybody is different. Everybody looks at the world in different ways. Everybody has different experiences. All these differences add up in terms of our product preferences.

We also have different needs. Ask ten different people why they use e-cigarettes and you would get ten different answers. So, pick the right eCig that makes sense as far as your personal circumstances and preferences are concerned.

Step #2: Pick the right brand

Now that you have a clear understanding of what type of eCig features you’re looking for, the next step is to look for a brand that specializes in as many of those features as possible. Maybe there’s a brand that is very big on durability. Perhaps there’s another brand that’s very big on nicotine delivery efficiency. Whatever feature you are looking for, make sure you look for a brand that has developed quite a name for itself delivering on that feature.


Step #3: Pick the right model

Once you have pinpointed the right brand that specializes in the eCig features that you’re looking for, your job becomes much easier because once you identify the brand, you then just go to their website and look at their current model line-up. This is really a matter of figuring out which features go with which, and which packages to choose from. It’s fairly straightforward from this point on.


Step #4: Check out different vendors


Now that you know the brand and the model you’re looking for, now is the time to look for a vendor. There are tons of online vendors of electronic cigarettes, eCigs, vape pens and other nicotine delivery devices. That's not the problem.

The problem is telling them apart. You must have a game plan so you don't waste a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy telling these different vendors apart.


Step #5: Scope out coupon codes based on vendors


Once you have picked out a shortlist of high-quality vendors that are known to deliver on time and at the right prices without ripping anybody off, the next step is to look for discount codes. The good news is that coupon codes are so pervasive that you are bound to find at least one vendor.

If you're still stumped or you're kind of confused about the whole process, you can look into “eCig-City coupon code.” You can also try “eCig-City coupon” or “eCigExpress coupon.” These are search terms that you should put into Google.

Don't end with these searches. You will find other search terms. Use those and keep finding other search terms until you get the deal that you're looking for.


The Keys to Success


I understand that you may think that this whole process is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Considering the tremendous amount of discount coupon codes out there as well as the pervasive risk of fake coupon codes or rip-offs, this is still worth doing. The truth is you can go through a succession of electronic cigarettes or eCigs or vaping devices is or even water pipes in a relatively short period. It depends on how much you enjoy vaping or using electronic cigarettes.

Still, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. You worked hard for your money. Isn’t it time that you actively guarded the value that you're getting for every hard-earned dollar that you’re spending?

If that’s your mindset, then you have to pay attention to these keys to success. Don’t think that just because your buddy gave you an eCig-City coupon code that is the product for you. Don't think that just because somebody gave you an eCigExpress coupon code that you should automatically take them up on their recommendation.

The key to success here is pretty straightforward. It's all about you. Seriously. It's all about you, your preferences, your needs, and your personal circumstances. The bottom line is you have to pick out what works for you.

Sometimes you may have to let go of desiring a 50% discount because the vendor giving out such hefty discounts is not all that trustworthy. It may well turn out that they have all sorts of customer service nightmare stories. You don't want to do that. You're trying to make your life easier here. You're trying to make things more convenient. You're not trying to create unnecessary drama for yourself.

If you notice that there are a lot of negative reviews about a particular distributor or vendor, it's probably a good idea to steer clear regardless of how sexy their discount program may be. Sure, 50% seems like you’re saving a lot of money, but how much is your time and peace of mind worth? That's exactly you will be putting on the line if you do business with a vendor that's really not on the up and up. Seriously.

I wish I could tell you that all vendors could be trusted. I wish I could tell you that all online stores deserve your money, but I’d be lying to you if I were to tell you that. The sad reality is that there are a lot of fly-by-night operations out there who have only one mission. Their mission is to separate people's hard-earned money from their customers. It's really sad.

Do yourself a big favor. First, pick out what works for you. Second, pick out a coupon source after you have vetted it thoroughly. What do I mean by that?

Check online reviews. Check if they have better business bureau ratings. Check for some sort of external third-party validation regarding their business practices.

Whatever the case may be, compare them with all other vendors that you are considering. The truth is the trustworthiness of a vendor is really comparative. If you’re in an industry, for example, thankfully, the electronic cigarette industry is not such an industry, where everybody steals, then your attitude should be “How do I pick the vendor that steals the least?” Do you understand how this works? Good.

It's all comparative. As much as possible, look for a vendor or a coupon source that is the most trustworthy. The problem with coupon websites is that a lot of them are fake, and the ones that are real often get faked out. In other words, there are promoters sending out fake coupons, and some of these online resources end up unknowingly publishing fraudulent coupon codes.

This is just part of the game. Understand how this works and then pick a product covered by discount coupons that work for you.

The good news is that a little-advanced planning works. Again, you worked hard for your money. It's time that you squeeze every red cent’s worth of value out of your hard-earned cash.


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