Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking

Smoking dry herbs is not a new trend. This is something that has been done for centuries. It actually is practiced among different cultures across the world. In fact, cigarettes are rolled up dried herbs. With the vaping culture making a hit, the dry herb vaporizer makes it possible for this generation to practice dry herb smoking without its harmful effects.


Less Toxins Involved 

When you use an herbal vaporizer pen, you use indirect heat on the dry herbs and the temperature is controlled and specific. Because of this, the dry herbs do not turn into ash, making it a healthier alternative. Carbon monoxide levels are almost eliminated with vaping which means that other toxins related to dry herb combustion will be absent as well.


Easier on the Throat and Lungs

Because the heat involved in vaping is much lower, the vapor produced will be cooler compared to smoke produced by cigarettes. This makes your herbal vaping session a more pleasurable experience since it is easier on your throat.

Better Flavor

Everyone knows that nicotine does not have the best flavor. With vaping, you get a better flavor since it does not come with a burnt taste. You get to savor the flavor of dry herbs instead. 


No Lingering Smell

Another advantage of using an herbal vaporizer over cigarette is that they do not smell as much. Smoking is not so discrete since the smell lingers and stick to your clothes, hair, and other belongings.



The discretion that vaping gives is not just limited to smell – its appearance can be easily covered up as well. You can find that the best herbal vaporizers can easily be disguised off as a pen or a tube of cologne. They are quite portable and small in size that some units can easily fit on your shirt pocket.


Easy Dosage for Medicinal Herbs

The best dry herb vaporizer can heat your dry herbs at a very specific temperature. This will make things easier for you if you need dry herbs for medicinal purposes. Because vaping uses a more controlled and lower heart source, the herbal components are released not in one burst but in constant, steady amounts. This allows you to experience the medicinal benefits better. In fact, elderly patients prefer to vape their medicinal herbs or medical marijuana since it is an easier process and they get to feel relief instantly.

Looks cooler

Admit it – when you smoke a cigarette you get those criticizing looks by people passing by. When you use a vaporizer, it turns those judging looks into wonder. You can be surrounded by puffs of aromatic smoke and most people would not mind.


Saves Money

The initial purchase of getting your own vaping kit may seem like a huge investment at first glance. But if you compare how much you spend on cigarettes per month compared to vaporized dry herbs, you will realize how cheaper it is to vape in the long run. You consume more cigarettes in a day while with vaping, you can only take a few puffs and be satisfied. These vaping pens are also refillable so there is less waste involved in this recreational habit.


It is about time you start thinking about your health. Smoking is a habit that is not easy to stop but if you start switching your cigarette with a dry herb vape pen, you will be able to get rid of your need for nicotine in no time.

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How to Refill Your Vape Pen Properly

How to Refill Your Vape Pen Properly

Learning how to refill your own vape pen is an essential skill if you want to be good at vaping. Filling your vape pen may sound like an easy task but it is actually trickier than it looks depending on your device and what you are vaping. This guide will show you the proper way to refill your vape pen.



You can fill your vapor pen with liquids such as oil, e-juice, or vape juice. If you are using liquids, you will be relieved to know that this is one of the easiest things to fill your vape pen. All you have to do is pour the liquid directly into the tank. While this filling process is very simple, you still have to make sure that you do not spill. You have to keep in mind that vape pens are small in size and it is easy to spill your liquids. You can use a syringe to avoid making a mess.


Dry herbs

You can also use dry herbs on your pen vape. You have to make sure that the dry herbs are ground up. Then, you can place them in the chamber. Take note that you should not overfill the chamber or that the dry herbs are not packed tightly into the chamber. You will not be able to vape dry herbs properly if there is no space for air to pass through it. When refilling, ensure that you clean out the chamber since what is left over will be sticky from the heat and may stick to the chamber if you do not clean it out – this can affect the taste of your vapor drastically and can even restrict the airflow of your vape pen.



There is also a pen vaporizer for wax concentrates. For wax pens, you have to unscrew the mouthpiece off to expose the coil. You will need a dab tool (usually comes with the vape kit) to load the wax concentrates on the coil. Then, place the mouthpiece back in place. Take note that you should not place too much wax on your pen when refilling since wax concentrates are sticky. They may cause the airway of your vape to clog.


General Advice for Filling Your Vape Pen

Here are some more tips to keep in mind that is applicable no matter what type of concentrate you are vaping on your cloud vape pen

  • Use tools. It helps to have tools that can guide the concentrate into your vape pen. Spillage means you are wasting your concentrates. Carry around a small kit where you can store your tools and concentrates for easy refilling anytime, anywhere.
  • Take your time. The chances of spillage is higher when you rush the whole process. 
  • Refill in a well-lit area. Refilling in a well-lit area does not only ensure that you do not spill but also that you do not place too much concentrates on your pen. Take note that over packing your pens with concentrates can overwork the device and cause it to clog or worse, burnout.
  • Seal tightly. The concentrates on your vape pens can leak out if you do not return the parts properly and seal them tightly after refilling.
  • Clean before refilling. The concentrate buildups after every use are sticky and can collect dirt and clog the airway. Even the best vape pen is not free from this reality. It is important that you clean your vape pen before refilling it with a new batch of concentrates. Take note that vape pens are electronic devices so you also have to learn the proper way to clean them to avoid any damages.


Although you can make your life easier by purchasing pre-filled cartridges, take note that this can be very expensive in the long run. You get to save more money when you learn how to refill your best pen vaporizer yourself.

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Desktop vs Portable Vaporizers – Which Is Better?

When it comes to looking for the best vaporizer, you initially face this dilemma:  

Would you like a desktop one or a portable one? Both types of vaporizers have their own pros and cons – ultimately, it all boils down to what you need the vape for and how you want to use it.


In this guide, we compare the differences between the two when it comes to a number of factors that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for a vaporizer.


The most obvious difference between the two is their size. Portable vaporizers are naturally smaller, which allows you to vape on the go. Desktop vaporizers are larger in size, which means you can’t bring them around as much. If you plan to do your vaping only at home where you can just sit back and chill, the desktop vaporizer is a good choice. But if you are always on the move and you want to be able to vape anytime, anywhere, the portable vaporizer is the better choice for you.


Desktop vaporizers have better control and temperature settings than a portable vaporizer. Portable vaporizers have limited controls and temperature ranges. These limitations may not be a problem for casual vapers but for those who want the full experience when it comes to density and flavor, they will be more satisfied with the desktop units. This is why people who vape for medical reasons are more advised to get a desktop vape.

Vapor quality

When it comes to vapor quality, there is no doubt that desktop vaporizers are far superior when it comes to emitting flavorful, aromatic, and rich vapor. Portable vaporizers have smaller heat chambers so they cannot match the high-quality vapor that a desktop vaporizer emits. The limitations on temperature control and other settings also affects the consistency of the vapor. If you want to get the best vapor quality from a portable vaporizer, then you should be prepared to shell out a lot of money for a high-end unit.

Vapor Size

If you want huge blooms of vapor surrounding you as you vape, you should get a desktop vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are smaller so they cannot produce thick, large clouds of vapor when you use them. But if you want to be vaping discreetly, the fact that portable vaporizers do not emit that much vapor can be to your favor.


Portable vaporizers are lightweight and it only takes a single push of a button to power it up. For desktop vaporizers, it may take a while to heat up and you have to deal with the settings to accommodate your personal preferences. If you want quick and generic results, the portable vaporizers are your best bet. In fact, they are recommended for beginner vapers who are still not sure about their personal preferences when it comes to vaping.


Portable vaporizers are powered by rechargeable batteries that can run out of power while you are out. Even the best portable vaporizer can be rendered useless once you run out of battery life and you do not have your charger with you. Also, you have to keep in mind that lithium batteries degrade with every use after some time. Desktop vaporizers have to be plugged in to function so you never run out of power while using it. You can have long vaping sessions with no problem.

Desktop vaporizers are large in size and comes with a lot of accessories and parts so if discretion is one of the factors that matters most to you, it is best to go with the portable vaporizer. Portable vape units can fit in your pockets just like a pen. This is very helpful if you want to keep your vaping discreet.

One of the factors that you should consider is your budget. The best vape experience comes with a price. Portable vaporizers are relatively cheaper but if you want quality vapor and longer battery life for portables, the high-end units can be expensive. Desktop vaporizers give a high-quality experience and are more durable so they naturally are more expensive than their portable counterparts.

Before you start looking through the list of best-selling vaporizers, you should decide first whether you want a portable or a desktop one. Remember that your decision should be based on your general vaping lifestyle. Knowing the difference between the two can help you narrow down your options and help you choose the vaporizer that is best suited for your needs.

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Choosing the right vaporizer: The Do’s and Don'ts.

There are hundreds of vape manufacturers in the industry. They have more than tripled in the last decade since vaping became trendy and popular. Unfortunately, not all of them produce safe vaporizers. Some make low-grade ones created purely for profit. The industry is expanding so fast that the law can barely catch up to it. This is why you have to be an informed buyer. At this point, nobody can protect you from bad vapes better than yourself.  


It’s always important to know how a product is made, especially the ones that you put in your mouth. You need to know everything there is to know about your vape pen. You need to understand how it works if it can truly do all those things that it claimed, and how effectively can it deliver its results. If you’re zero on how and where to start, keep these pointers in mind when choosing a vaporizer. 


Remember the word Titanium and understand what it means for you. 


If you Google good vape brands and try to read about them, you might notice that plenty of them throw the word titanium around. You know titanium. It's in the periodic table but what should this mean for you as a vaper? 


Titanium is an important material in making your vape’s eRig. Although many manufacturers use titanium in their vapes, it doesn’t mean that they’re all equally good. Titanium comes in different types. The best ones, grades 1 or 2, would cost you. As they should, they’re a great quality that won’t do your body any harm. To cut costs and to be able to sell their vapes at a cheap price, some manufacturers cheat and use titanium alloy, which is a shady material. No study has ever been conducted to prove its safety. It’s affordable, but it could cost you in medical bills in the long run.  


Your vape’s coils can also be made of titanium, but that depends on the manufacturer. It could also be made of titanium alloy, kanthal, nichrome, or other alloys. The level of titanium in your vape depends on how much iron is mixed into it. 0-0.30% still fall in grade 2, which is considered high-quality.  


There are cases when companies are duped by their suppliers. They really believe that they’re selling good products when, in fact, they’re not. It’s not that easy to tell if you’re holding pure titanium or if its alloy. You can’t test it with one vape pen. You need a lot of it. Of course, it’s a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure a product’s safety so it would really be ideal if they do safety testings prior to releasing it into the market.  

You’re not entirely helpless in this matter. There are small details and little tests that you can conduct yourself to see if you’re holding a good-quality vaporizer or not. Try to pay attention to these details: 


Check the batteries. 


If the vape has the sub-ohm type of batteries, then you’re good. That’s a pure titanium vape in your hands. Titanium has low resistance. They would never work with any other batteries than sub-ohms. If it has regular e-cigar batteries inside that vape, then put back down and walk away.  


Ask to see the composition test results 


Don’t be ashamed to ask for certifications and results. Credible vendors that sell high-quality vapes surely have them. If somehow your vendor failed to provide those results, it must mean that the vape you’re holding never went under safety tests. Don’t take chances when it comes to your safety. It’s better to move along and find another vendor.  


Understand what temperature control in a vape pen means for you. 


Often times you’ll see vape advertisements boasting about temperature control. If you’ve ever held a vape before, you’ll know how important this is. This feature can affect the flavors that you can get from your vape. It will decide how fast or how slow the vape will burn the cannabinoids you put inside it. If it does it too much fast, you won’t get a good result and absolutely no flavor.  


Ideally, you’d want the temperature to stay low while you’re vaping. Unfortunately, this feature is rare and expensive. Very few companies successfully manufacture a vape with this much control. The rest just cheats it. Instead of actually keeping the temperature down, they shock the coil to burn the cannabinoids. This shocking happens when you press the vape’s voltage button. It will keep sending voltages to the coil until you release it. This isn’t what you want to happen. This will always give you hit-miss results when vaping. You’d want a vape that can consistently give you great results.  


Don’t go for anything with Teflon 


Vapes have a long history with Teflon. In the early days of portable vaping and eNails, Teflon was a material that was present in all types of vape. It serves as a coating to prevent cannabis and other flavors from attaching themselves permanently on the vaporizer.  


It wasn’t long before studies were conducted about vaping and everything about it. It turned out that Teflon eventually melts inside the vaporizer and releases harmful chemicals, which makes some vapers sick. It can also cause Teflon flu, which comes from inhaling polymer fumes. 


Of course, many companies quickly tried to save their products and scrambled to find alternatives. Unfortunately, some manufacturers were quick to follow. Whenever you’re trying to find yourself a new vape, remember to scan around for Teflon. You never know. It’s better to be safer than sorry.  


Understand the different materials used in as atomizers. 


It’s important to get to know every single material used to make atomizers before choosing which one to get.  


Titanium, which you’ve heard a lot of by now, can give you powerful hits and rich flavors. While Ceramic atomizers are considered one of the safest but the weakest in terms of delivering hits and flavors. Quartz, on the other hand, is considered the best material for coils. They’re more efficient and provide the richest taste of them all. The last type is the titanium alloy. Its effects are different depending on the manufacturing, and the vape pen that it’s placed into.  


Choose your attachments wisely 


Vape attachments only come in two materials-either copper or stainless steel. Your best choice would always be stainless steel. Although there’s very few of them around, they’re the safest material to use for vapes. Coppers don’t do well with extreme heat. They tend to release harmful smokes that can make people sick. While it’s unlikely that your vape will ever get that hot, it’s not something you’d want risk happening. Plus, with how consumers are, always experimenting, you can never really say that it won’t happen. It’s better to stick to what’s safe and what's sure.  


Here are things that you should and shouldn’t do when shopping for a vape: 




Never buy any product with Teflon 

Never go for the unusually cheap ones. They're probably really just worth their price.  




Look for high-quality titanium (Grade 1 or Grade 2) 

Always ask to see the composition test results done on the vapes  

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New to Vaping? Jump into the discussion below and see what we and other Vapers can help you with.

Whether you’ve been a long-time vaper or a newcomer, there are times when you’ll find yourself wanting a flavor that’s just not on the market. Sometimes even if they are, it’s not what you hoped they would be, and they can do nothing to sate your cravings. At times like that, you’d wish you can cook up your own vape liquid and make your personal recipe. But what if you can? Vaping has been around for too long. Plenty of people have had this thought before you. This is a prayer that's already been answered. If you can’t find your flavor, then cook it up yourself. Yes, that’s possible and here in this article, you are going to learn how to make it happen.  


Make it simple. Think as if you’re preparing to bake a cake. Jot down your ingredients, prepare your recipe, and collect all the necessary equipments to make it happen.  


You’re never going to get it right the first time. It’s important to spread your wings and experiment until you find the taste that you want. Making your own vape can save you some money. It can also finally put your taste buds to ease when it gets a taste of the flavor that it’s been yearning for all this time.  


Prepare your ingredients: 


Diluted Nicotine 


This ingredient is very important to make your personal liquid. Of course, in making your own e-juice you’d want your flavor to be rich and strong. Unfortunately, this ingredient has its own flavor. Be careful with the amount of Nicotine that you add to your mixture. If you can, find nicotine that has weak flavor and no color. That would be tricky to do but there have been some who claimed that their nicotine could do that. Try to research more about them and read reviews before putting your money down on anything.  


The regular nicotine that’s available in the market is usually diluted at 100mg/ml. That’s quite an amount, and it can already get you far in your experiments. Undiluted nicotine, on the other hand, are about 10 times more powerful than that. You can’t just touch it pure and expose yourself to it. You’d need to wear special equipments before handling a substance like that.  


If you’re confused and you’re not sure where to start, go for 25 mg/ml. It’s a safer amount. You can just add a little later if you think it’s not enough.  


Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol 


Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are "diluents." Nicotine is way too strong for your body to handle and so these two ingredients are added to mellow its effects down. You only need to choose one of these ingredients and then add it into your bottle. It would make up the liquid flavoring. Don’t worry, it adds nothing to the taste, the smell, nor the color.  


Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol don’t have the same taste nor effects when vaped. Instead of just using one of them, some e-liquids add a good amount of both, which can actually improve its effects. In your own recipe, it’s better to try to use them both. Start out by using equal amounts and then adjust to your tastes.  


Propylene Glycol is a natural chemical that is used in many products on the market, not just liquid vape flavors. You can find it in cigarettes, hygiene products, and sometimes even food. It’s generally safe to use, although some people are allergic to it. This diluent gives stronger hits than Vegetable Glycerin, which can often cause a sore throat if you use it a lot. It barely tastes anything and won’t do much to change whatever flavor you’ll choose to mix with it.  


Vegetable Glycerin is different. It does have its own flavor, which can change the taste of the flavor you’ll mix with it. Although it’s not bad tasting, it's, in fact, very sweet and depending on the flavor. It could actually enhance it. Unlike the Propylene Glycol, this diluent is comfortable on the throat. If you’re one of those vapers that like doing vape tricks, you’d want to add more of this diluent on your liquid because it makes the vapor more visible and a bit thicker.  




Here’s your favorite part, flavoring. Get wild and go all out. If you want to mix two different flavors, go do it. You can repeat this process all over again, in case it doesn’t work out so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 


There are plenty of places to get flavorings on the market. Although, not all of them have quality flavors, so you have to be careful when buying some. You must be certain that they're safe, and that they’ve undergone all the right testing before they’re sold to the market. Best choose a flavor with low dilution. 5-10% are still considered low, but if it reaches around 20%, then that’s just too much. You don’t want your flavors to be over diluted. It would barely taste and feel anything on your throat. Plus, lower dilution would mean that you don’t have to add so much to achieve your desired taste. A single bottle could last you a while.  






This is the first thing you need to acquire when mixing liquid vapes. You’d want a clear bottle that you can wash and reuse after you’re done the experimenting. You don’t want to go out and buy a bottle every single time you’re experimenting. One bottle is fine. If you have no idea what kind of bottle to use, try to find drip tips. Those are made of plastic and are very cheap.  


Don’t go for the small bottle. Always pick up either large or medium. Smaller bottles would mean that you’ll need more efficiency with how you put your ingredients in. Since you’re experimenting, you can’t really guarantee that you’ll get everything right the first try. A larger bottle with more space is much more appropriate, especially for beginners. Once you get the hang of doing this, and you have the formula stamped to your head, then you can go for the smaller bottles.  




Not exactly that necessary. Containers are handy, especially if you’re already making huge volumes of your recipe, but if you’re still trying it out, then syringes would do for now. However, as time pass by, you’d want to invest in containers and beakers. They’ll make your entire life much easier and your workflow faster. Plus, it will lessen that chance of cross-contamination, which is the last thing you want to happen in experiments like these.  




This material is very important to making liquid flavors. It won’t just help you transfer substances from one place to the other. It would also make sure that you have the exact amount. In making liquid vape flavors, it is important to mix just the exact amount that you need. Spoons and droppers aren't much help. They’re too loose, and they depend a lot on estimation. Syringes are better and much more precise. Plus, it’ll be easier to duplicate your work when you know precisely how much substances you add into it. 




Gloves are very important. You should never handle nicotine on your own. Accidents happen all the time. It’s better to arm yourself with every protection that you can get. If you can, find specialized gloves, which are chemical resistant and powder free. Many drugstores should have them available. 




You’re ready. Now that you have everything you need, you can get started. In this part of the article, you’ll learn how to make your own vape liquid flavor. If you find your flavor in the market, and you think it lacks a little more taste to it, you can always just modify it by adding more liquid flavors to it.  


Whenever you’re doing an experiment like this, make sure to get everything on paper. Whatever you do, whatever you add, write it down. If you can, take a video of yourself while    


you’re working, that way you’ll never have to worry about missing any detail. The point is that, if you find your dream flavor, you’d want to redo it again. Having a clear list of ingredients and steps that produced that result will make things easier for you.  


A complete record of everything you’ve done can help you retrace your steps back. In an experiment like this, where even the slightest change in volume can change the final results; teaspoons and droppers wouldn’t do. You need a really precise and clear way to take your measurements. Use syringes and other surefire measuring devices. The last thing you need is to get lost just when you found what you’re looking for. Take no chances and make sure.  


Here’s how to start making your new liquid flavor: 


Number 1: 


First, you need to determine how much nicotine you want in your e-liquid. Don’t worry there’s a formula for but getting it right it all up to you. Be careful when doing this step, it will greatly affect the taste and the effects of the end product.  


Here’s how to compute for the nicotine: 


(The amount of the substance that you’re mixing right now) (How much nicotine you want to add)=Total amount of nicotine in the mixture. 


For example: 


A 25mg/mL of Diluted Nicotine will need 16mL nicotine in total. 


For 400mg/(25 mg/mL)=16mL. 


Number 2: 


Now that you have your diluted nicotine, you need to transfer it into your bottle. Don’t forget to wear gloves when you do it and never let your hand come into any contact with the nicotine, even if it's diluted. Take the syringe and take exactly 16ml of it, no more, no less.  


Be careful when measuring. The slightest change can make all the difference. To ensure you’re getting the exact amount, draw up more than what you need and then slowly push out the excess until you reach the 16ml line. Keep the syringe down and pointed at the nicotine container while you’re doing this to avoid wasting any drop of the substance.  


Be careful of air bubbles, they can ruin everything. When you see even the slightest air inside the syringe, turn it over and give it a little tap. That will make the air rise up. Then slowly push the plunger to force the air out. Once you see that all the air is gone, go back to fill the syringe to the measurement that you need.  


Number 3: 


Inject the nicotine from the syringe into a 50 ml bottle. 


Number 4: 


Choose your flavor. Use your imagination. Don’t worry about getting it wrong the first time. You’ll have plenty of nicotine left in case it didn’t work out for you. Just go for it.  


Number 5: 


In mixing flavors, the standard rule is that it would make up 10% of the entire mixture. If you’re doing a 100ml, you’ll need 10 ml of flavoring. Use a syringe to do the transfer and make sure you get the measurements right.  


Be careful when mixing your flavor into the bottle. Don’t think that putting some more flavoring would improve the taste. Too much flavoring can make the end product taste like chemicals, which is not what you’d want to happen. There are many people on the Internet who can describe to you in detail what will happen when you over flavor your liquid. There’s no need to try it out yourself. Stick to the recommended 10% to ensure the end product tastes good. 


Sometimes flavor manufacturers have their own recommendations. Some recommend putting as much as 20-30% in the mixture to make it taste good. Follow them, they know their product more than anyone else. They probably tested that out before recommending it. However, if your manufacturer didn’t specify how much you need to put, stick to the 10-15% we discussed above. That’s tried and tested. You can’t get a terrible outcome with that number.  


When mixing and experiment with flavors, try to hold back on the amount you mix in. You’d be surprised how much a drop can change the mixture’s entire flavor. Try to mess around and experiment but start small. Just start adding up from there until you get what you want. You can make more than one flavor. It won’t always turn out the way you want it to but the more you do it, the better your grasp will be on how it’s done and what you should do to get it right.  


You can test it out by diluting it with Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol, then vaping it before adding it to your bottle.  


Number 6: 


The next step is to add more Vegetable Glycerin. Your mixture should have enough Propylene Glycol by now from the diluted nicotine and the flavoring.  


Remember that diluents make up the majority of the bottle. If flavoring is 10% and diluted nicotine isn’t far from that, the rest would just have to be diluents, specifically Vegetable Glycerin. 


Never depend on your bottle alone for measurements and don't estimate how much substance you need. Bottles don’t really hold as much liquid as they’re advertised to be. It’s best to use a real measurer and test it out before starting the entire process. Mark your bottle as to how much water would be needed to fill it up.  


If you can, try to measure the precise amount of diluents that you add to the mixture instead of estimating it. That way, you can be sure that the resulting liquid will taste great. Additionally, remember not to fill your bottle all the way up. You need a small allowance the liquid can move better inside then you mix it later.  


If you want you can buy pre-diluted nicotine to save you all the trouble of mixing it yourself. However, if you want more control over your processes, you can mix it yourself. VG or Vegetable Glycerin is dependent on the nicotine in the mixture. The more diluted nicotine, the more VG there is. To get a half-and-half balance in PG/VG, you need a ratio of 4 is to 25. Which means for every 4 mL of PG, you need 24 mL of VG. Always use this ratio when calculating how much substances to add to the mixture to make it better.  


Number 7:


You’re done with your mixture. Now cover it up and make sure it’s tight.  


Number 8: 


Now shake it. Shake it really hard so that the substances inside the bottle mix well. Do it for a good 3-5 minutes before putting it down. If you don’t want to shake the liquid like this, you can always just use a mixer. It’s not necessary, but it can give you a much more efficient mix. However, handshaking works just fine too. It’s been tried and tested by many, many vapers. Additionally, remember to shake your bottle every time you’re going to use your liquid flavor.  


Number 9: 


Your masterpiece is almost ready to go. You can actually already vape it at this point, but the resulting taste might not be what you want it to be yet. If you vape it now, you might be disappointed with the result.  


You need to leave it alone for a while. It’s like wine. You need to wait a bit more before the flavor really sets in and forms its own identity. The longer you wait, the better the outcome would be.  


This process is called steeping. It’s when different chemical reactions occur over a long period of time if you leave your product alone. It might seem irritating that you have to wait all this time for it but it will make all the difference, especially on the taste. If you let it steep for weeks, you can expect a richer, fuller and much better flavor when you finally start using it. 


When you open your bottle after the long steeping time, don’t immediately use its contents. Leave it on the air for a while and let it breath. Doing that for a couple of hours is fine, but a couple of days is better. If you can wait a couple of weeks of steeping, you can wait for a couple more days before using it. This process can make the flavor pop some more.  


Of course, these are just basic training wheels. You’ll make your own rules and alter the ones above based on your experiences. Don’t be limited by what other people already did. Charge to experience, always. 

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