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Stop Spring Allergies In Their Tracks With CBD

Many people in this world have allergies, but it is especially more pronounced come springtime.  Although you just want to go outside and enjoy the green grass and newly bloomed flowers, having spring allergies is just completely unwelcome. From now going forward, stop spring allergies using CBD.



Causes of Spring Allergies


Whenever an allergen comes into your body via direct contact or through the airways, there is an immediate reaction from your immune system. This reaction typically manifests itself as excess sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, clogged sinuses, rashes, or itchy skin. No matter what the manifestation, when you have an allergy, particularly during springtime, it is super uncomfortable and frustrating.



 It is completely common to have seasonal allergies in the spring. Whenever plants are growing they give out pollen. Pollen is one of the biggest causes of allergies. So, it does not matter if you live in an urban jungle or a rural area, it is highly impossible to avoid getting into contact with pollens that make your immune system react.


CBD Industrial Hemp


The system of endocannabinoid has a solid connection to the immune system of your body. By making use of endocannabinoid receptors, CBD can affect the response of your immune system to allergies.



When it releases histamines, the immune system reacts to allergies. Histamines are the ones they create inflammation, with you ending up with itchy rashes, puffy eyes, and a runny nose.

 According to studies, CBD particularly responds to histamines. Actually, the research demonstrates that CBD, a cannabinoid, helps avoid mast cells from bringing out histamines that cause inflation. This shows the ability of CBD to decrease allergies and stop the reaction of the immune system to springtime allergies.

Research also demonstrates that generally, CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory. It is implied in the research that CBD, whenever consumed or made use of topically, can be able to calm down the body’s reaction to allergens.


Allergy Relief from CBD Delivery Methods

Whenever you have a spring allergy springing up, there are a couple of CBD delivery methods you can use to give you relief.

Using CDP Isolate Droppers in your regular routine is straightforward and convenient. At a similar time each day, take a dose below your tongue to get quick relief for the entire day.

If allergies get you through the day, CBD vaping could be the delivery method of preference for yours. The vape juice of the CBD can be put inside your vape to give you fast relief. 

I recommend the Hippie NANO extremely easy to use, the smallest oil vaporizer on the market, such a discreet product for a very reasonable price $29.99  this highly designed little beauty fits in your pocket, purse or palm, so easy to carry anywhere you like.  Just twist off the little cartridge tank and fill it up with your flavored or unflavored CBD oil, adjust the temperature and make sure you only put a few drops oil in so the tank won't overflow.

You can also buy already made CBD oil cartridge for vaping, that's another easy solution for oil vaping.


CBD Misconceptions 

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD oil. This can be attributed to lack of information on cannabinoids themselves or how the system of human endocannabinoid actually works. Although there is much research about CBD oil, public discussion about it is very minimal. Here we discuss some misconceptions about CBD oil.


CBD Oil As A Cure


While CBD oil has many health benefits, it is incorrect to say that CBD can cure a particular sickness or illness. CBD oil used as a dietary supplement has therapeutic advantages, but to be able to cure it is completely different.

 Even though studies show that CBD oil has many health benefits, it cannot claim to cure. Calling it so is taking advantage of people who are looking for a way to solve their challenging illnesses. You are being counterintuitive with their healing process.

The many benefits of CBD oil, like anxiety and pain relief, also are not exactly a great definition of a cure. It is more for maintenance or therapy rather than an actual cure.


CBD Oil is Psychoactive


This is completely untrue. A lot of people think that anything that comes from cannabis plants is immediately psychoactive. But this is false. The cannabinoid that is connected to psychoactive impacts, including paranoia, with pain relief, increased appetite, improved sleep, etc., is actually THC.

The system, endocannabinoid, is a huge series of receptors inside the nervous system that supports the balance of many bodily functions. This is regulated by the endocannabinoids. These are compounds created and spread throughout the body. Phytocannabinoids, naturally taken from the cannabis plant, works inside the system and can open many effects, which, to this day, are still being studied.

 A thing that is completely understood is that CBD oil is completely non-psychoactive. This is the reason why researchers and doctors want to use it for health and therapeutic purposes. This is a good option for those who would rather not experience THC’s psychoactive effects.


CBD Oil As Derived From Similar Plans As THC

Actually, the cannabis group is more differentiated than expected. The most common ones are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, including their hybrids. But, how they are different are not as well known. The species that are less known include the Cannabis Ruderalis.

Although both Indica and Sativa can have THC, and hence psychoactive impacts, not all the Sativa have big levels of THC to have an impact. Sativa L typically has no THC at all and does not have a psychoactive impact, yet still has a lot of CBD.

CBD and Pets

If you were wondering how to ease your pained, anxious, or elderly dog, CBD oil could be the answer. complete hemp and terpene product designed specifically for cats and dogs. Pet CBD food can help your pets feel more relaxed and more behaved, helps aggression disorders, self-trauma, cognitive problems, excessive vocalization, and urination/marking problems.


Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to check us out on

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How Vaping Is Beneficial to the Environment

We live in a world where millions of cars pour carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere on a daily basis. Therefore, you wouldn't think that smoking herb would have a negative impact on the environment.

But smoking pipes and joints do have serious consequences on the climate. And environmentally conscious herb lovers should definitely choose vaping.

Let's discuss why smoking is so harmful to the environment, and why vaping is the superior choice.

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Benefits of Having a Portable Vaporizer vs A Desktop Vaporizer

This is a typical case of ease of carriage – portability in other words – versus the luxury of sitting at a desk and having a peaceful vape. For those who use dry herb vaporizers, not having the ability to carry it in their pockets is a major issue. But not everyone. It just depends on your proclivity.

If you do not travel that much then it is not that big of deal right?

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Risk of vaping and getting a tattoo

 A History and the Ups and Downs as Related to Vaping

Nowadays, tattooing has become so commonplace that people who are getting tattoos are choosing to vape before, even during the tattooing process. But is it actually safe?


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the relation of vaping and tattooing, let’s talk about a short history of tattoos. Tattoos have been a part of our daily lives for thousands and thousands of years. They are said to have been in existence for around 5,200 years, with the discovery of an Iceman at the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. The Iceman had tattoo patterns on him. Prior to the discovery of the Iceman, the earliest evidence of tattoos can be traced to a couple of female mummies from Egypt, circa 2000 B.C.


According to research, while there is no clear evidence of who made the tattoos in ancient Egypt, it is most likely that older females would have created the tattoos for the younger females. This is similar to the occurrences in 19th century Egypt, as well as in other parts of the world.

The instruments that they used can be described as a wooden handle with a sharp point. This could be dated back to 3000 B.C. There are also small bronze instruments that look like flattened and wide needles that were found in Gurob. When they are grouped together, they can create a multiple dot pattern. These are very alike to tattooing implements also during 19th century Egypt.


If you would like at the mummies from Egypt, the tattoos look more or less like dotted line and diamond patterns. Figurines usually had a naturalistic look. The tattoos are sometimes seen on tomb scenes as well as small female figures.


Pigments used in the tattoos are black or dark pigments like soot and introduced to the skin. The brighter colors were typically used in other ancient cultures. Such an example is the Inuit who were thought of using yellow with the dark colors.

Aside from Egypt, in other ancient cultures, the Nubians south of Egypt were known to use blue tattoos. In the Altai Mountain area, the Scythian Pazyryk used tattoos as well. The body of a male Scythian was shown to have mythical animals as ornate tattoos. Those carrying these tattoos were deemed to be of the upper class. However, amongst the Romans and the Greeks, the tattoos were used to mark an individual as to their connection to a religious sect or a slave owner or crime.

Going back to the connection of vaping and tattooing. The autoclave used in tattooing even releases a V-Cide chemical vapor in the tattoo area during tube sterilization.

Notably, the propylene glycol in e-cigarettes is antimicrobial, so it most likely will not be a problem if a client or a tattoo artist vapes in the shop. The concern would probably be in the flavorings in the e-ciagarettes. That being said, you have to be concerned nonetheless of any potential contamination splatter from the tattoo materials or bodily fluids that may come in contact with the e-cigarette, which, you in turn, put in your mouth. Smoking dry herb before tattooing can cause anxiety and paranoia  if your grass has a high THC level. When I got my first tattoo I remember I had to seat still for hours and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling, thank god I didn’t smoke anything. I am very sensitive for pain but some people have a high tolerance to it, and some areas are super sensitive. Getting high before your your tattoo can also affect you in your decision, you might make up your mind a few times, but when the needle hits your skin there is no going back unless you want to piss off your artist. What I am trying to say is that smoking is not a great idea before getting inked but if you really can’t give up on your load just try to smoke CBD rich strains that has anti-anxiety benefit.

Hope this blog was somewhat helpful, check out our vaporizers and stay tuned.


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Grass ⚘ Love ♡ Peace ☮

The Summer of Love


Try to recall the happiest and most fun weekend you’ve ever had. And then a rocking concert or completely legendary party you’ve always wanted to go back to. Well, for those who were old enough to party at Woodstock, having those things was easy to come by during that time. Everyone would always go back to Woodstock, as the stick in which all hippie parties will be measured



Let’s go back to the roots to summer of 1969 also called the Summer of Love where all the Hippies started to come together every year on August 15-18, and held concerts, festivals, celebrating love, peace and good old Rock & Roll. 

Bethel is a small town located in upstate New York and Max Yasgur was a dairy farmer also the owner of the 601-acre farm what became the most important location in the American music history. Max heard about the festival permit issues and offered his farm for the payment of $10,000 for the three days of festivities. Woodstock Ventures Investment Group was financing the festival that’s how the Woodstock name made the mark in history. The limit for the festival was 50,000 people but they counted 150,000 in no time and that number just multiplied in the next three days. Started out as a paid concert but fans destroyed the fences and climbed over, no one could have controlled this even for a while.

It rained that weekend of 69’ the field was overcrowded and muddy, it lacked bathrooms, traffic was insane, from all the cars what was left on the roads. Woodstock Festival wasn’t the most comfortable and luxurious gathering but that didn’t stop visitors from all over the country.

These people were called the Hippies, a movement against Vietnam war, freedom fighters. Hippie values made a huge effect on culture and believe me they didn’t need any approval from society. All they wanted was free love and peace, ok maybe a little acid and smoke weed  :) but they were kindhearted beings who shared natural food, herbal remedies, and organic love.

Well, that was then but what now? Almost 50 years later the show must go on... Fashion changed festivals changed people changed, the trend changed. Only one thing hasn't changed is that we still take drugs, even taking a painkiller consider taking drugs. So we are still popping pills and smoke. Since herb got legalized this  industry became the fastest growing business these days, I'm talking about billions of dollars. I even told my parents to return those tomato plants to Home Depot and start growing grass. 

So let's talk about smoking herbs, so many different ways to smoke grass today, I personally don't like to smoke from a joint, it gives me a different kind of high and I'm really not good at rolling one either. Portable Vaporizers are the trend now, not only easier to use but also healthier options, I know it doesn't burn your leafs so that way you don't inhale the bad toxins and also taste better. Let me introduce a few favorites of mine. 

The Hippie Rebel: Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Rebel uses convection heating for extreme performance and heating within just 15 seconds to an optimal level, I love the way it looks and feels, got a great grip and very easy to use and clean. Only $99 for such an amazingly designed product.


The Hippie NANO: The smallest Portable vaporizer in the World for oils and liquids

The Hippie NANO is truly the SMALLEST portable vaporizer for waxy oils and liquids. The tiny vape that packs a changeable voltage control and even a pre-heating function. This little guy is so invisible in your palm that you can literally use it anywhere you like. Use your favorite liquid fill the tank throw it in your purse or pocket and ready to go. $29.99 can't beat this price.

 The Hippie W: for concentrates

The Hippie W is the ultimate concentrate vaporizer. The popularity of concentrates led us to create the best instant heating MINI  portable vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers that are using the coil to burn the wax, The Hippie W features no coil, only FULL CERAMIC chamber and GLASS mouthpiece for good taste.  $49.99


So that is my top three portable vaporizers I recommend, they are all user-friendly not over complicated products, I know some of the vaporizers are so overwhelming to use, I just want to have a simple on and off and temperature control button something with low or no maintenance required and of course vaporizers under $100 sounds pretty damn good.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it, I put together a little list of festivals that you might never even heard of, go dance your butt off happy summer and don't forget to check us out at

Eeyore’s Birthday Party

April; Austin, Texas


This isn’t connected to the always depressed donkey from Winnie the Pooh. The birthday party began in 1963 when English students from the University of Texas started a spring picnic with a donkey with flowers, a maypole, and honey! It has grown in popularity ever since, particularly amongst the hippie community of Austin. Now, it is a celebration that lasts an entire day in Peace District Park. There are drum circles and musical performances here and there and daytime costumes gradually revert to nudity at night. Vendors are not there to make money, so the crowd is more than happy to drink beer and eat food for charity. For those new to Austin, this is a great way to find more about their city culture in just a day.


Bay to Breakers Race

May; San Francisco, California


You probably know that the Bay Area has its share of hippies. While the Bay to Breakers Race, a yearly 12K run starting from Embarcadero to the Great Highway, has gone official by getting a title sponsor, Alaska Airlines, hippies still attend it for all the weirdness that San Francisco has to offer. Dating back to the year 1912, it was only in the 1960s that the race has become popular for it’s out of this world costumes or for some individuals running buck naked. Runners could be young college kids to businesspersons to expecting mothers. 


Northwest Folklife Festival

Memorial Day Weekend; Seattle, Washington


Seattle has become more techie by the minute, but the city still has some hippie in them. Particularly during Memorial Day weekend, it’ll feel just like the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Center, for 45 years straight has been the host for artists, crafters, musicians, and hippies at an event great for families, with lots of live music and crafting hands on (for the kids). Every year, the festival brings in the hippie crowd.


Whole Earth Festival

May; Davis, California


The Whole Earth Festival is for a fun hippie party. Since this 48-year-old festival is located in the UC Davis campus, attendees concentrate on sustainability and the environment. The festival concentrates on Earth Day. Since this is held on a college campus, there are many young people featuring their musical and artistic talents with the common theme of loving Mother Earth. This is a great place for children to experience the hippie culture.


Big Wu Family Reunion

June; Bellvue, Colorado


With almost 20 years for this event, starting with the release of their first album, Tracking Buffalo Through the Bathtub, Big Wu moved its festival to Colorado. Although the event doesn’t have the typically big crowds and huge names for hippie parties, it is an intense experience. This might be overwhelming for a first-timer, however, if you’re ready for super long sets, this would be a great family reunion!



June; Manchester, Tennessee


The US’s most mainstream party for hippies, Bonnaroo, gets the biggest names, like Elton John, for example.  It is also notable for older hippies to mixing in with the younger hippie crowd.


Firefly Music Festival

June; Dover, Delaware


Dover International Speedway is host to the Woodlands. Although not really known to be a hippie area, it has a pop-up hippie feel to the town. Each summer, 90,000 people come to Dover to chill and have fun.  Some attractions you should check out are the Thicket’s silent rave, where attendees should wear headphones so they can hear the music and the DJ; the temporary tasting room called Dogfish Head; hammock-lined trees called the Nook; and wide-ranging fields for camping. The Firefly Music Festival is a spin-off from Winterfly, a small festival in March at Dewey Beach, with more or less the same feel.


Moe Down

June; Turin, New York


Moe is the usual US jam band that’s not so popular that they are a household name, but big enough to have their own following and a 3-day music fest called Moe Down in Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin. Also, the endurance of the band is quite impressive. They can play 7 sets, each around 3-7 hours. Moe brings in other awesome bands with more or less similar styles of rock, country, and folk music. Even though Turin is quite a trek, it is worth it. If you’re not a Moe fan, you’ll surely learn a lot about the culture of the jam band.


Oregon Country Fair

July; Veneta, Oregon


If you would like to know what the flavor of this fair would be, just check out their food vendors: The Hemp House Grille, Stir Fry, The Hundredth Muchy, and Edible Improv. This summer festival that lasts for 3 days combines folk music, magic, and artisan crafts. With the venue in Veneta, Oregon, you’ll find a lot of Bollywood dancing, elixirs, and face jewelry. There were actually 20,000 visitors in 2017 who created intricate community art pieces.


Beloved Festival

August; Tidewater, Oregon


If you want to go all hardcore hippie, check out Transformational Music in the Beloved Festival. This iconic festival takes place in a forest by the Oregon coast. The maximum number of attendees is at 2,500. There is also only a single stage. Although performers are relatively unknown, the music reflects different styles from all over the world. It is also the only major music fest that rents bamboo utensils and plates that are completely reusable. Performers usually go into the crowd.


Lockn’ Festival

August; Arrington, Virginia


The Lockn’ Festival is held at the Oak Ridge Farm and has expanded ever since it started in 2013. Currently, it is one of the world’s largest jam band festivals. This event, which is camping-only, has big acts with many sets, particularly combining unique collaborations. String Cheese Incident had a tribute set for Kool and the Gang and Steve Winwood playing it up with Widespread Panic. Although music combinations are pretty cool, some sets are usually much longer than expected.


Wheatland Music Festival

September; Remus, Michigan


Michigan’s largest jam band festival simply began as a way to raise funds in 1974 for the Mt. Pleasant Food Co-Op. Doesn’t that sound so hippie to you already? The farm gathering in the middle of Michigan has developed into an important yearly event for the Wheatland Music Organization. This organization is a non-profit focused on improving dance and music education. Although the crowd has enough hippies, it is great for people who aren’t exactly completely into the scene.


Fantasy Fest

Halloween Week; Key West, Florida


The biggest hippie party in Florida isn’t about the typical things that hippies adore such as art, music, or nature. Fantasy Fest is for going super weird since these are meant for Florida hippies. Anyone of any age, size, or shape wanders the streets during Halloween week, wearing whatever they like, no questions asked. The weekends with a parade on Saturday night along Duval Street. Here, body parts and beads fly around, completely uninhibited.


Suwannee Hulaween

October; Live Oak, Florida


The yearly Florida vacation of The String Cheese Incident is around Halloween. Held at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, this event brings in hippies from the Southeast for 3 days of funk and jam performing. The crowd is more or less college-aged and the place has a temporary art installation, with the typical displays of alien statues, lit up and unique modern exhibits. There’s also some outrageous costumes. 

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