Do You Know About the Hassles of Using E-Cig Subreddit Forums?

Reddit bills itself as the front page of the internet. It seems that regardless of what kind of topic you're interested in, there will be a discussion of it on one of Reddit's thousands of message boards. Reddit is really just a combination of thousands of topic-specific message boards.

What's so awesome about Reddit is its wide topic coverage. There are no topics that are off limits. It also bills itself as an open space so, in terms of freedom of speech, people are given a wide leeway.


Now, with that said, it's not completely free. It is a private business. And as you probably already know, the US constitution only prohibits state actions that impinge on one's fundamental rights, as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. That's lawyer-speak for saying that only the government is controlled by the Bill of Rights.

For example, if you go into a government office and you start handing out pamphlets for your cult, depending on where you are and depending on the time and how you give out the pamphlets, you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

You may be able to sue the US government for infringing on your rights. It all depends on the time, the place, and the manner you were exercising those rights.

In fact, if you are in a public park and there is a free speech square there where people can go up on a soapbox and talk about anything under the sun, if a cop rolls up and says to you in the middle of your speech that you can't say what you're going to say, you might have a lawsuit on your hands. You might win.

Again, it all depends on the time, the manner, and the place that you're exercising your rights.

These are not unlimited. Obviously, you cannot yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater. There's no First Amendment protection for that.

Similarly, you can't lie about somebody and say that's your free speech – to lie about somebody. Libel laws still apply.

I raise that issue because a lot of people think that Reddit is a free speech zone. It isn't. It is a private company, so the First Amendment doesn't apply to it.

The good news is, Reddit is very open-minded and really tries to give people a wide latitude in the things they can and cannot say. However, there are limits.

For example, you can't go open a subreddit on hate speech and just spout out hate against certain groups of people. That's just not going to fly. And while you can do that in government spaces, your ability to do that on private spaces like Reddit is much narrower.

What's the point of all of this? Well, subreddits enable people interested in a wide range of topics to talk about their shared interests and exchange ideas. This makes subreddits very dynamic.

These forums track a wide range of people. Don't be surprised if you see posts made from people from Sri Lanka, Southern California, New York, the Philippines, India, and all points in between. It truly is a global experience.

Also, there's a lot of excitement, especially about certain subjects. But with that said, oftentimes, subreddit forums are more trouble than they are worth.

I know that's not a very popular opinion to have, but hear me out. You have to look at what usually goes on in these subreddits so you can see the context of my statement.

In fact, if you're aware of the factors that I'm going to raise below, you too might want to reconsider hanging out at subreddit forums.

I'm not saying that they're completely worthless, but you have to take whatever information you get from them about your favorite e-cig brand or e-juice manufacturer with a grain of salt. That's the best you can do.

Because if you were to believe everything that you read on subreddit, it's very likely that you will get only part of the story right. You're not looking at a complete lie, but let me tell you, a half-truth is the same a full lie.

Remember, to become a fully informed and empowered consumer, you have to have facts at your disposal. But if these facts are presented in a biased, slanted or distorted way, who knows whether you will be able to make quality decisions.

You have to understand that when people buy electronic cigarettes or e-cig accessories, they're actually investing in their lifestyle. These choices have a big impact on their health. Also, switching from brand to brand might lead to a few bucks saved or a few bucks lost.

But you shouldn't just focus on the number of dollars being saved or lost per transaction. Because when you look at the big picture, these dollars actually add up to a lot. If anything, you need to also pay attention to opportunity costs.

What if you're stuck with the right product or found the right product from Day 1? You would have saved a lot more money. You probably would have felt better about yourself and enjoyed a wide range of benefits that you're currently not enjoying because you're stuck with a bad decision.

So, what is so bad about subreddit forums? What's wrong about finding information about e-cigarettes on subreddit as compared to other forums?


The Ever-Present Danger of Paid Shills


A shill is somebody who is paid to broadcast a certain opinion. It would be nice if this person actually believes in that opinion, but nine times out of ten, shills are paid, spokesmen.

In other words, they couldn't care less about the things that they are saying. All they care about is the payday they will get when they say a certain message in a certain forum to produce a certain effect with a certain group of people. That's all they're about. It's all about the money.

And as you can well imagine, trying to get an honest discussion or exchange of ideas with paid shills is probably not going to work out. It's highly likely to be an exercise in futility because these people don't really have any skin in the game.

In fact, a lot of them work for marketing companies that get paid per post. They try to pass off certain posts as engaging in actual conversation, but if you really look at the meat and potatoes of what they said, they're not really saying anything.

It really is very frustrating because it's as if your community, with all its passions and all its curiosities and all its sincerity, is being undermined from within by people who are motivated by the wrong things.

These people are wrongly motivated because, to them, it's all about the money. And if they were paid to say something that can eventually have a negative effect on your health, don't be surprised if they're all too eager to say that. Because at the end of the day, it's all about getting paid.


Competitor Takedowns


Who doesn't like drama? I know I love my fair share of drama. That is why Game of Thrones exists and why Netflix is so hot.

But when it comes to online information so you can make better-informed consumer choices, the last thing you want is drama. And unfortunately, in the world of electronic cigarettes, it's not unheard of for brands to go out of their way to take down the competition.

Now, it's very easy to see if somebody bashed a competing brand. You can basically make up a lie, you can post fake screenshots, and people can pretty much see this a mile away.

It's the subtle or underhanded bashing that you really have to be careful about. The most common way this is done is through slightly unfavorable comparisons.

Now, the first time you do this, people are really not going to give you much attention because when people buy all sorts of products online, they usually check out online reviews. And most of these reviews already have multiple product comparisons, so this is not exactly breaking new ground. Most people have probably seen those charts before.

But if you see a pattern where the same unfavorable competition breakdown is presented by paid shills, all day every day, it becomes some sort of mantra. It becomes some sort of mental peanut butter that you can't shake off.

Now, a famous propagandist said that it doesn't really matter if something is a lie or is the truth. If you repeat it enough times, it becomes the truth.

Competitor takedowns are very damaging as far as overall consumer intelligence and knowledge levels are concerned because they tend to incentivize repetitions of inaccurate or biased information.


Fake Testimonials and Stories


Let me tell you, somebody can break out all sorts of charts and diagrams all day, every day, and persuade very few people. However, the moment that person starts telling something that sounds or reads like a personal story, people sit up and pay attention.

There's just something about testimonials that tend to grab our eyeballs and tug at our heartstrings. There's just something about these stories that really get under our skin and make us susceptible to information that we would normally have a healthy level of skepticism about.


Unfortunately, a lot of the stories on e-cig subreddit forums can't be trusted.


I know that's quite a claim to make, but when you look at the themes of these stories and the fact that these keep getting repeated over and over regarding certain brands and models, you can't help but be suspicious. It seems so artificial.

So, do yourself a big favor. You might be getting plagued by seemingly sympathetic stories. You might want to connect the dots, read between the lines, and use that old brain of yours because there may be a lot more going on behind the scenes.


You Get a Partial or Incomplete Picture


The problem with Reddit is, ultimately, there is an incentive to placate the audience. Because if you don't say something that everybody else pretty much agrees with, you're going to get a down vote.

 Nobody likes a negative rating on Reddit. Nobody likes being unpopular. You don't want to be a nerd in high school. You don't want to be a social leper, so you basically go along to get along.

 Now, the problem with this is that it tends to exaggerate lapses in understanding. There are always gaps in information.

 And, unfortunately, the way people play e-cig subreddit forums is that these gaps tend to get exaggerated. They tend to get bigger because people are afraid that if they speak up and they say the truth or they say their version of the truth, people will be all too eager to pull them down.


That's why you really have to look at e-cig subreddit forums with the factors above in mind. Read everything with a grain of salt, and then some.

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Focus More on Picking Out the Right E-Cig Juices than Electronic Cigarette Hardware

Just going by media headlines, it's very easy to get scared of electronic cigarettes. After all, who would want to carry around a miniature bomb? Who would want to carry around a device that can blow up at any time?


This is definitely the kind of impression you get when you read the latest news regarding electronic cigarette batteries. It's as if all these people, in their search for a nice lungful of vapor, are putting their health in harm's way unnecessarily because of the impending danger of an explosion.

Well, you only need to look past these sensational headlines to quickly realize that this risk is actually overblown.

The statistical reality behind faulty batteries and explosive electronic cigarettes is quite astronomical. You're better off golfing in the middle of a rainstorm than fearing that your electronic cigarette will somehow, some way, blow up.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with how you use it. If you are very sloppy, or you try to jam the device, or you try to mess around with the battery, or you try to modify it in a way that isn't approved by the manufacturer, you increase your chances of an explosion. Still, even with those interventions, the risk of people suffering any kind of harm is actually quite low.

I raise this issue because it seems that the media can't stop talking enough about the perceived risks of electronic cigarettes. That most of the time, it has something to do with the hardware.

I find this intellectually disingenuous. I really do. Because on the one end, it's obvious that the actual risk in electronic cigarette use is not in the hardware device itself.

The risk doesn't arise from people heating up e-liquids. It doesn't arise from people losing batteries or turning on their devices. Instead, it arises from the e-liquids that are being vaporized and turned into an aerosol.

In particular, the chemical formulation of the e-liquid is what gives regulators in Europe some cause for concern.

I really can't say I blame because when you look at the typical formulation of e-liquids, it is mostly made of synthetic materials. A lot of these are very volatile items.

Also, glycol is involved. And glycol isn't a new compound. It has a track record. And it's very easy for people with an agenda to twist that track record.

There is definitely cause for concern there, but is it overblown? Does it take the proper perspective of the fact that products tend to evolve as consumers become more aware and more demanding? Probably not.

It seems that the current media portrayal of the kinds of risks associated with electronic cigarettes or e-cigs or vape pens assume that the product is not going to evolve. They think that the e-juices that are currently available in the market will be the same e-juices that will be sold ten years from now.

They don't make any space for market competition leading to product R and D and better products. They assume that just because this product uses certain liquid formulations today, that those formulations essentially would stand the test of time and changing consumer tastes.

This is too much of an assumption to make. Because regardless of what kind of product you're looking at, whether microwaves, food, clothing or automobiles, consumer trends drive product design more often than the other way around. In fact, a good argument could be made that product design exists solely because consumers demand a certain type of product.

You have to understand that in any kind of market system, there is a self-correcting mechanism at play. It's not always visible. A lot of people describe this as the "invisible hand" theory.

But regardless of how you define it and regardless of how you characterize the internal self-correcting mechanism, it's indisputable that it exists. It's doubtless that it operates.

The bottom line is actually pretty simple. If a manufacturer or a distributor cannot satisfy the needs of its target market, it's going to go out of business. What kind of other incentive do you need?

Not only is the competition dog-eat-dog in intensity, but the stakes are very high. The costs of making the wrong call or making the wrong product design decision are crucial to the continued viability of your business. It's a do or dies affair.

It's my position and my understanding that this is all the incentive you need. I'm not saying that there's absolutely no space for government guidance and, in certain cases, regulation and intervention, but by and large, the market already has enough factors at play to ensure that the right products get developed for the right market more often than not.

This is not a new idea. This has actually played out several times in consumer history. When you look at automobiles, certain types of computer peripherals, or computer technology protocols, all of these were driven by consumer demand.

Sure, the industry had a big role to play in swaying consumer demand, but eventually, consumer demand and consumer tastes had to be listened to. Otherwise, companies would not make as much money as they would like. That's the bottom line.

It's all about profitability. And to deny that this operation is in place would be foolish.

It also doesn't do consumers any big favors to assume that just because electronic cigarette liquids are formulated a certain way today that those health risks are never going to go away.


Never Underestimate the Power of Substitution


Have you ever baked a cookie? If you're going to bake a cookie, you know that the standard recipe for a cookie involves sugar, flour, chocolate chips, baking soda, and possibly cinnamon. Pretty basic stuff, right?

If you've been baking, you know that you can always substitute the ingredients. You can substitute sugar for another sweetening agent. You can substitute the flour for another grain-based ingredient. You can substitute pretty much all the ingredients in a typical cookie recipe.

This is how bakers work. This is why different companies producing cookies have products that taste very different from each other. They taste different, they have different textures, and it all boils down to the recipes that they use.

There's really no one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter or "classic recipe" that everybody would prefer. When people buy a wide range of cookie products on the market, some like a specific taste, others like a specific texture.

This is why the cookie market in the United States is split up the way it is. You might not think that a particular brand is all that tasty, but hey, it has enough people buying it so the company behind it is still in business. You have to respect that.

I bring this up because the same dynamic plays out when it comes to electronic cigarette liquids. This is really the bone of contention as far as the health risks of this device.

Any honest examination of the issues regarding electronic cigarettes must accept the fact that e-liquids are not immune to the economic pressures forcing ingredient substitution. If it turns out that the typical components of the e-liquids or e-juices are immune to substitution, then we all know that that's not true. All products currently on the market are prone to substitution.


If Apple computers, for example, could find a cheaper alternative for the glass that it uses to build its touchpads on, it will find that material. Why? Every dollar it saves is a dollar in net profit.

Businesses are profit-driven organizations. They are always looking to maximize profit and they're also looking to maximize their competitive advantage. If they don't, it's only a matter of time until they go belly up. It's that simple. It's that straightforward.

Accordingly, it makes a lot of sense to believe that, as fast growing as the electronic cigarette market may be, this is a sign that there is a tremendous amount of competition in the market. This means that competitors who come up with electronic cigarette juices that are safer, more natural, smell better, as well as taste better than existing products will get a larger market share.

Of course, this can only happen if they engage in substitution. There's really no iron law saying that the typical e-juice formulation currently available in the market must be set in stone.

A lot of this stuff is made in China. Chinese manufacturers are as susceptible to market demand forces as American ones. Don't think for a second that, somehow, they have this overarching need to produce e-juices that they've grown accustomed to.

That traditionalist argument simply doesn't hold water because the industry is not all that old. It's actually very young. There's still a lot of room to move. In fact, given its target audience, it seems that this market tends to reward innovation and forward thinking.


The Next Stop: More Natural E-Juices


Given the fact that veganism and plant-based holistic living are gaining ground in the United States, e-cig consumer tastes will follow the same pattern. As more and more people look for organic ingredients, I wouldn't be surprised if e-cig juices follow the same trajectory.

Not only would more of its components be plant-based, but they would also be purely natural. In fact, I would not be surprised if even nicotine becomes strictly an option.

Now, you may be thinking why would anybody in their right mind use an electronic cigarette without nicotine? Assuming that they're not using e-cig to enjoy marijuana, what is the upside?

Well, there are many other all-natural ingredients out there that produce a buzz. Nicotine does not own a monopoly on exhilaration. These other competing organic compounds can be healthier for you, so this is the cutting edge of e-liquids and e-juices.


Any honest discussion about the safety of electronic cigarette devices must take this factor into account. Otherwise, you know that the article you're reading is basically just playing the same old game of demonizing electronic cigarettes.

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How to Clean Ecig the Right Way

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs, just like any other piece of equipment, need regular maintenance and cleaning if you want to keep using them without any hassles.


The problem with most of these types of devices is that people let debris and resin build up quickly. After all, if you're enjoying some nice tobacco or marijuana, your prized priority is probably the buzz that you're trying to get. Properly cleaning your vaporizer device, water pipe, or any other smoking equipment is probably not high on your agenda. Fair enough.

However, you have to understand that if you want to get your full money’s worth from any smoking, vaporizing, or electronic cigarette device that you buy, you have to know how to clean your equipment properly. A lot of users would say that cleaning equipment is just one of those things that they'll get to when they have the time.


The High Price of Dirty Vaporizers


You have to understand that modern strains of marijuana are very sticky. They have a lot of buds and some strains are so tightly bred that they are basically all kief or the sticky portion of marijuana flowers. These are the parts of the plant that is just so packed with THC that you don't need to inhale much of it to get blown out of your mind.

A little goes a long way but this also means if you allow the debris from your plant material to pile up, you might just end up with a useless hunk of metal, plastic, and steel parts.

Depending on how much you vaporize, this might come sooner rather than later. It's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with proper ecig cleaning. It's not as hard as you think.


Cleaning Your Ecig Doesn't Have to be a Hassle


Like with most things in life, if you think something is going to be a chore or is going to be difficult, it will. It all boils down to our expectations. I’m sure this definitely applies to homework, jobs, responsibilities around the house, and this definitely is the truth when it comes to cleaning your vaporizer devices, vape pens, electronic cigarettes, bongs, water pipes, hookahs, you name it.

You have to have a plan. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It doesn't have to be overly complicated. There's no need to overdo it. You just have to do it. The good news is that the more you clean your stuff, the better you get at it. It takes less and less time.

Also, you start developing some game plan or some sort of sequence where you don't have to spend too much time and effort making sure that each and every draw you get from your vaporizer is nice and clean. It becomes a ritual eventually. You just have to do it.

What follows is a quick guide on how to take the hassle out of cleaning your electronic cigarette or of vaporizer device.


Make Sure You Start with the Manual


The first thing that you need to do is to avoid the temptation to think that just because you have used many vaporizer devices before or electronic cigarettes of different brands of models that you pretty much know how everything works.

Please understand that just because you know how something works doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to pull it apart, properly clean it, and put it back together again. While you can try to do those things, if you put them together wrong or if you change setting or you move something that you shouldn’t be moving or clean something that you shouldn’t be cleaning, this might seriously affect the product life of your e-cigarette unit.

Before you know it, it's no longer working as efficiently and as effectively as before. This can be very expensive because eventually, you will start replacing these models when you didn't have to.

You just have to look at the manual and see which parts can be taken apart and cleaned. Other parts, you just have to leave alone. Maybe the best you could do to them is to wipe down their surfaces and make sure they don’t stink. That’s pretty much all you could do with those parts.

There are other parts, however, that you can pull apart, put in some sort of cleaning solution, leave overnight or over the course of several hours, and then fish out, wipe down, dry, and then put together again.

You have to know which part is which. Don’t automatically assume that just because you can take apart certain components, that these can then be dunked into some sort of solvent or liquid and properly cleaned. This might cause a lot of problems if they weren’t designed for that type of cleaning. So, always consult the manual.


Developer a Sequence


Now that you have taken apart pieces of the electronic cigarette that you can clean, the next part involves cleaning time. There are really two ways to clean electronic cigarette parts. You can either dip them in a cleaning solution or just plain water and soap or you have to wipe down.

I know most people would rather just take something apart, drop it in a soapy water solution and let the liquid take care of their problem. However, this is not always possible. For certain parts, a little elbow grease from you is required. I know it's a hassle but that's the way it is.

Do yourself a big favor. If you think that the electronic cigarette that you bought is just too much bother when it comes time to clean it, you might want to buy another model later on. The next time you are on the market for a new electronic cigarette, keep in could mind ease of cleaning.

Things are not always clear-cut. Some models are actually designed from the ground up to be modular, easy to clean, easy to wipe down, and doesn't require special equipment. Others have a lot more details going for them and you might have to put in a lot more effort cleaning those units.


What's the Big Deal about Cleaning and Maintaining Your Electronic Cigarette Anyway?


Please understand that whenever you buy any kind of product, it's very easy to throw good money out the bag. If you want to waste a lot of money buying stuff, and I’m not just talking about products, consumables, or equipment, I’m talking any kind of product, it would be very easy to do that.

Basically, you look at things that you buy as commodities. If you buy a pack of mashed potatoes, once you eat those mashed potatoes, you head back to Costco to grab yourself another package. That’s how it works. It's basically consumable. It is not intended to last a long time but, unfortunately, even when it comes to equipment, a lot of people have the mindset that they are disposable.

So, you’re puffing along on your vaporizer or electronic cigarette and after a while, it gets gummed up and you just think that it’s too much hassle to clean it so you buy another model and then you do the same thing over and over again.

What if I told you that all those purchases do add up? Each electronic cigarette might not set you back all that much. Most people can spare $50 dollars for a unit. However, if you burn through several of those electronic cigarettes in a course of a year, that can add up to a pretty penny. It’s not unusual for really heavy vapers to spend upwards of $500 or more every single year and I’m just talking about the electronic cigarette unit. This doesn't even factor in how much it cost them to buy stuff that they load into their vaporizer. Marijuana, tobacco leaves, and other herbal substances cost quite a bit of money. However, I’m sure you priced that in already.

Still, most vaporizer or electronic cigarettes users are just taken back by how much it costs to replace their electronic cigarettes over the course of a year. Even though electronic cigarettes just vaporize the liquid, there’s still a lot of potential for debris buildup and other effects that come about because you just refuse to clean your device.

With everything else being equal, you can probably go a much longer time without cleaning your electronic cigarette. This can’t be said of vaporizers because when you apply heat to produce vapor in a vaporizer, there will be debris create. This is especially true if you’re dealing with really sticky bud.

So, whether you’re using e-juice to get a buzz or you’re vaporizing the real thing, you have to get into the habit of properly disassembling, wiping down, dipping, and otherwise cleaning your device. Otherwise, the cost of your equipment will pile up sooner than you expect and this can set you back quite a bit.

Also, understand that whenever you’re buying any kind of product, you have to factor in total use value. Total use value is a simple calculation. You take the price that you paid for the product, divide it by the number of times you used it. That's the actual price you're paying for the product.

For example, if I got a laptop computer and I paid $1000 for it and I used it for about a thousand days, my total use value for my computer is a dollar a day.

If I bought another computer and I paid only $200 for it but it only lasted me fifty days, I’m actually paying four times for that seemingly “cheaper” computer than my thousand-dollar unit. You have to think along these lines when calculating the value of the stuff you buy because if you don't, you might end up with a very expensive habit.

You probably are thinking that vaporizing all sorts of stuff and having to buy a lot of e-liquids already makes for an expensive habit. Well, wait. It can get even worse, and the worst part to all of this is it’s invisible unless you choose to invest the proper time inadequately cleaning your equipment.



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What To Look For In Vape Mods

There are lots of vaporizer accessories currently on the market. This should not come to a surprise. Whether you are into vape pens, portable vaporizers, or full-blown, big-time, heavy duty, high-volume room vaporizers, you should start thinking about accessories. 


Let’s get one thing clear, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Some products can come close. A lot of brands are legendary for sure, but at the end of the day, everybody’s different. You may have a special way of doing things. Maybe you have unique preferences that are very special to you. 

You shouldn’t compromise. You shouldn’t settle, and it’s very easy to think that just because a product works, that this fact alone should provide enough justification for us to keep using it. What if you’re settling? What if you’re not really fully getting the kind of experience that you think you should be getting? 

This is where accessorization comes in. Just because you buy accessories, add-ons, or modifications, doesn’t mean that the main product that you are using is somehow deficient, or simply not up to the job. It’s not all about that. 

Instead, it means that you are looking to invest in the product so you can level it up to where it needs to go. You’re looking for a specific type of experience. You’re looking for a certain level of efficiency. You’re looking for convenience. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you don’t have to explain it to somebody else. Those are your needs. Aren’t you entitled to doing things your way? After all, you are spending your own hard-earned money on the device. 

Sure, other people might have an opinion, but they can keep those opinions to themselves. At the end of the day, it’s all about you, your enjoyment and the value you’re getting from the products you choose to use on a day-to-day basis. 

Keep this in mind because in the accessories market, especially in vaporizers, there are a lot of people who say, since they use certain types of vape mods, or vaporizer accessories for their vape pens, or they prefer a weed vaporizer add-ons, that those are the right products. 

That’s ridiculous. This all takes me back to high school. You remember high school, right? I’m sure a lot of your friends were into a certain type of music and then comes along this new guy who makes it his life’s mission to turn people onto another type of music. 

And once the crowd kind of warms up to the kind of music recommendations of this new trendy person, he turns his back on the stuff that he recommends, and he’s moved on to something more cutting-edge and better. 

It wasn’t really about the music in the first place. Instead, it’s really all about being perceived as a hit, cool, cutting-edge, on top of things. People are always looking out for something bigger, better, and what’s around the corner. 

This is sad because what works for them might not necessarily work for you. Focus instead on accessories, modifications, and other things that work for you. That’s the bottom line. You’re the one who is going to be spending money. You’re the one who’s going to be investing your resources. 

While I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to these other people, at the end of the day, you’re the one who is going to have to live with your decision. Believe me, I have seen this happen quite a bit. 

People read some sort of online review or recommendation, they get taken in by the amount of seemingly endless favorable reviews. But by the time the package comes, and they put the vaporizer in their mouth, they are let down. 

Maybe you are buying a vape pen. Maybe you are buying the main unit, or you’re buying an accessory or a vape mod, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it all goes back to the same basic question: Are you getting your money’s worth? 

Unfortunately, the only person who can answer that question is you, and this requires a tremendous amount of honesty. So do yourself a big favor when considering vape mods or vaping accessories, focus on what works for you. Focus on your interests. Focus on your preferences. Focus on your needs.  I know that’s a lot to focus on, especially when it comes to a fairly basic piece of hardware like a vaporizer, but the bottom line is you are using that device to enjoy yourself. You are using that device to unlock the very best in life. You need the best equipment for that, so insist on nothing less.

Get the best mods from HippieVaporizer!


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How To Pick Out The Best Vaporizers

Vaporizers, unlike pipes, are devices that heat up a liquid or plant material without burning it. In the process, a lot of water vapor is produced. If you’ve ever gone to a concert, and you see this massive cloud rising from the crowd, that’s a vaporizer, water moisture. 


It sure beats smoke by a long shot. I’ll get into that in a little bit, but when people use a vaporizer, they use a device that heats up the feedstock, if you will, to a certain point where a lot of the compounds are released into a water vapor, which is then inhaled. This is so much healthier for you; vapor versus smoke. 

When you burn anything, maybe it involves leaves, sticks, woody parts, or any other type of plant material, you’re not just creating visible smoke, you’re creating carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very powerful poison. People die of carbon monoxide poison all the time. 

Maybe they fell asleep in the garage, and the car is running. Maybe they’re in an enclosed space, and there’s some sort of exhaust in the room. Whatever the case may be, carbon monoxide is a very powerful brain-killer; it kills your brain through asphyxiation or cutting off your supply of oxygen. It crowds out oxygen, your body can’t process it, and you die. 

The worst part is carbon monoxide is odorless. It is also colorless. It is the perfect chemical killer. And guess what? It’s in cigarette smoke. In fact, there are several hundred chemical compounds released when people smoke a cigarette. 

Make no mistake, burning plant material to produce smoke (meaning you consume the stock) is bad news. If you are already scared of carbon monoxide, wait, it gets even worse. When you burn plant material, you produce tar. 

If you’ve ever visited highways out in the city or certain parts of your city, you would notice a lot of asphalt on the ground; part of that is tar. It stinks, it’s sticky, and it is very harmful to your health. 

That’s precisely the kind of stuff people paint into the sensitive inner linings of their lungs whenever they smoke. When they burn something to release smoke, and then they inhale it in their lungs, tar is in the picture, and tar is bad news. 

Vaporizers are so much better for you. They use water vapor so you get to enjoy the biochemical goodies in water vapor instead of smoke. Also, a lot of the several hundred harmful chemicals released by the burning process aren’t in your vapor. You’re free of all that because you did not burn plant material in the first place. 

It is no surprise that a lot of people are switching over to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. If you’re looking for the very best vaporizer, you have to look at vaporizing efficiency. This is the number-one factor you should look for. 

A lot of people are under the impression that you should look at the brand, or you should look at the capacity. No, you should look at the quality of the vapor you would get. Does it do a good job the first time around? Does it use up less energy while producing a high vapor output? 

These should be the main considerations you should look at. Everything else, pretty much, is secondary. Sure, a unit may look good to you, but what’s the point? That’s just cosmetic. 

Focus instead on you being able to maximize the value you get from the product every time you turn it on and take a draw. If the vapor is nice, clean, and tight, you know you that you have the very best product in your hands.





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