How Vaping Is Beneficial to the Environment

We live in a world where millions of cars pour carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere on a daily basis. Therefore, you wouldn't think that smoking herb would have a negative impact on the environment.

But smoking pipes and joints do have serious consequences on the climate. And environmentally conscious herb lovers should definitely choose vaping.

Let's discuss why smoking is so harmful to the environment, and why vaping is the superior choice.

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Benefits of Having a Portable Vaporizer vs A Desktop Vaporizer

This is a typical case of ease of carriage – portability in other words – versus the luxury of sitting at a desk and having a peaceful vape. For those who use dry herb vaporizers, not having the ability to carry it in their pockets is a major issue. But not everyone. It just depends on your proclivity.

If you do not travel that much then it is not that big of deal right?

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Risk of vaping and getting a tattoo

 A History and the Ups and Downs as Related to Vaping

Nowadays, tattooing has become so commonplace that people who are getting tattoos are choosing to vape before, even during the tattooing process. But is it actually safe?


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the relation of vaping and tattooing, let’s talk about a short history of tattoos. Tattoos have been a part of our daily lives for thousands and thousands of years. They are said to have been in existence for around 5,200 years, with the discovery of an Iceman at the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. The Iceman had tattoo patterns on him. Prior to the discovery of the Iceman, the earliest evidence of tattoos can be traced to a couple of female mummies from Egypt, circa 2000 B.C.


According to research, while there is no clear evidence of who made the tattoos in ancient Egypt, it is most likely that older females would have created the tattoos for the younger females. This is similar to the occurrences in 19th century Egypt, as well as in other parts of the world.

The instruments that they used can be described as a wooden handle with a sharp point. This could be dated back to 3000 B.C. There are also small bronze instruments that look like flattened and wide needles that were found in Gurob. When they are grouped together, they can create a multiple dot pattern. These are very alike to tattooing implements also during 19th century Egypt.


If you would like at the mummies from Egypt, the tattoos look more or less like dotted line and diamond patterns. Figurines usually had a naturalistic look. The tattoos are sometimes seen on tomb scenes as well as small female figures.


Pigments used in the tattoos are black or dark pigments like soot and introduced to the skin. The brighter colors were typically used in other ancient cultures. Such an example is the Inuit who were thought of using yellow with the dark colors.

Aside from Egypt, in other ancient cultures, the Nubians south of Egypt were known to use blue tattoos. In the Altai Mountain area, the Scythian Pazyryk used tattoos as well. The body of a male Scythian was shown to have mythical animals as ornate tattoos. Those carrying these tattoos were deemed to be of the upper class. However, amongst the Romans and the Greeks, the tattoos were used to mark an individual as to their connection to a religious sect or a slave owner or crime.

Going back to the connection of vaping and tattooing. The autoclave used in tattooing even releases a V-Cide chemical vapor in the tattoo area during tube sterilization.

Notably, the propylene glycol in e-cigarettes is antimicrobial, so it most likely will not be a problem if a client or a tattoo artist vapes in the shop. The concern would probably be in the flavorings in the e-ciagarettes. That being said, you have to be concerned nonetheless of any potential contamination splatter from the tattoo materials or bodily fluids that may come in contact with the e-cigarette, which, you in turn, put in your mouth. Smoking dry herb before tattooing can cause anxiety and paranoia  if your grass has a high THC level. When I got my first tattoo I remember I had to seat still for hours and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling, thank god I didn’t smoke anything. I am very sensitive for pain but some people have a high tolerance to it, and some areas are super sensitive. Getting high before your your tattoo can also affect you in your decision, you might make up your mind a few times, but when the needle hits your skin there is no going back unless you want to piss off your artist. What I am trying to say is that smoking is not a great idea before getting inked but if you really can’t give up on your load just try to smoke CBD rich strains that has anti-anxiety benefit.

Hope this blog was somewhat helpful, check out our vaporizers and stay tuned.


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Why Hippie Vaporizer?

Why Hippie Vaporizer Products?

Hippie Vaporizer has marked a new beginning in the world of aromatic therapy atomizers; talk of the Hippie Rebel, Hippie Nano, The Hippie W,  and other five star premium quality brands that offer several health benefits. These new vapor products are now on the market display and within reach by anyone. They are highly advanced and utilize the latest technology to ensure an exceptional efficacy with a sweet aroma and zero health risks. Each of these has upgraded features compared to other products from most Hippie competitors. 

These products work via appropriate heating techniques that ensure maximum performance in less than 14 seconds. Hippie produces palm-size products with a tiny airway ensuring sufficient vapor drawn from the chamber with less escaping into the adjacent atmosphere. There is little resistance experienced meaning; little effort is needed to pull the tug. 


High flexibility level

One exceptional plus with Hippie vaporizer products is that they can easily be customized by the user. This flexibility ensures sufficient client satisfaction and hence instilling trust. For instance, one can adjust a temperature that matches personal needs. This is different from others which have fixed components and parameters that cannot be adjusted by the user. This flexibility extends to the calibration parameters where you can effortlessly shift from Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on preference. As the owner, you decide what to do.

The Hippie Rebel $99


— For Dry Leafs
— Air-heating (convection) technology
— Glass airpath built in mouthpiece
— Easy use
— Easy to clean, almost no maintenance necessary
— Powerful, 1600 mAh Lithium-ion battery; 7-8 cycles continuous use
— Switch between Fahrenheit anew Celsius
— Micro USB charging
— 4 min automatic shutoff timer
— 2 years of warranty
— Measurements 3"x 2"x 1", 4.7oz



Use of Advanced Convectional mechanism

Hippie vaporizers have chambers that contain liquefied mixture of the vapor elements. The glass airway built-in compresses the mixture under high pressure making it flow in vaporized form. This emits thousands of particles with a beautiful fragrance. The shut off timer can be programmed to give a certain number of sprays within a specific period of time. This is unlike the manual system devices which need constant compressions in order to achieve optimal upshots.



Easy use maintenance

With Hippie brands, there is no sweat and no costs when it comes to product use and maintenance because there is almost none. All you need to do is skim through the accompanying leaflet guidelines and that’s all! Once a purchase has been done, all you need to do is start to enjoy using the Rebel or any other brands for optimum health benefits. You do not have to incur extra costs as it is with other products. The only basic thing indicated it cleaning the devices after use to keep them clean. 



Most of the fabricated products are handy due to their small sizes and weights. For instance, Hippie Rebel measures 3 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch. This means, the product does not require a very big space for storage and transfer. Our Rebel looks like the Fury 2 but relatively cheaper.

The Hippie Nano $29.99

  • Preheat function 
  • Change voltage OPTION:
    • 4.0 V
    • 3.7 V
    • 3.4 V
  • Atomizer capacity : 0.5 gr
  • Battery: 500 mah
  • 510 Thread



Durability of products

Most vaporizer manufacturers are known to produce cheap products with flimsy aroma that easily fade out within a few seconds of using. To the other extreme, Hippie vaporizers last longer and are worth your cash. High quality for the lowest price.



Hippie products are put at the top of the pyramid when it comes to ranking and rating because of high efficiency. They ensure satisfactory results when the right quantity is inhaled. The devices have lithium batteries with a current of more than 1600 amperes that give a powerful draw from the vapor chambers. There is also a micro USB charging port that allows you recharge the battery anywhere once it runs out of current. We wanted to create easy to use products, some of the devices on the market are over complicated, space-ship quality, I can't even turn them on sometimes, our user friendly devices will please you on any level, you just want to enjoy with no complications.

The Hippie W $49.99

— For concentrates ONLY (please note: it is not intended for use of Liquid)
— Extreme portable, small design
— Glass mouthpiece, full ceramic chamber for great vapor
— Easy, one button use
— Easy to clean, almost no maintenance necessary
— Powerful, 1500 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 510 thread
— Micro USB charging 
— Instant, ceramic heating


Multiple health benefits of the essential devices

Understanding why you need to buy an atomizer pen or Rebel from Hippie companies is one of the things you need not to forget. This is due to several health benefits that are attributed to the use of the essential oils and dry herbs. For instance, great stress reliever to people with bad mood. It can also help you do away with nervousness and therefore a powerful remedy for emotional disturbances. When inhaled, the vapor aids in menstrual cramps, headache, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, helps nausea with chemotherapy, muscle stiffness in multiple sclerosis, PTS, help increase appetite in people with AIDS or HIV, green leaf users are less prone to developing cancer. Researchers have shown that rats exposed to dry herbs lived longer then the rats who didn't. Alleviation and rehabilitation for people who are habitual smokers. It’s hard to say what’s good and bad for you anymore, also hard for the researchers to make a definitive conclusion. There are over a hundred cannabinoid chemicals in herbs, but because it’s still classifies illegal there are restrictions in researches by the government. I remember in my young years about 15-20 years ago, I mean I am still fresh as a flower, I already smoked in Amsterdam in the coffee shops, also bought pre rolled joints at the store like milk. United States potential revenue from legal grass would be sky high, more than 120 billion a year. We are almost there just hang in there :)


Affordable Price

Purchasing a product from Hippie vaporizers is easy, reason being; the pocket-friendly price. Whether you buy in singles or multiples, the charges will still fit in your budget. There are no extra costs incurred since all you need is pay and wait for the shipping. Some sellers allow price negotiation before an absolute amount is reached at. All of Hippie Vaporizer products are under $100 budget friendly for any income.



Hippie firm is one of the best sellers when it comes to the world of vaporizers. They offer warranty to clients. For most products, this does not go below two years; hence, people are assured before they make their final decisions. Costumer service is on point, fast and reliable.


What is in the box?

We all know everyone gets anxious when opening a box from Hippie for the very first time. Well, you will get the device, whether Rebel type, Nano or the W brand; the user manual; dusting and packing  instruments, a USB charger, an efficient mouthpiece and a high performance replacement filter screen. Needless to mention, all the above make your life just easy and interesting.


Shipping information

Once products have been purchased and payments completed through appropriate methods, shipments is usually over and done with in less than 5 days. International and expedite shipping is easy with affordable shipping rates with no extra charges at delivery.




If there is anything to adore then it is Hippie Vaporizer products because they unerringly adhere to their pledge. They are highly affordable and easy to use, last for a long period of time and come with a 2 years warranty. There is no easy clogging, meaning; appropriate cleaning, almost no maintenance is required.  Unlike other products that pose threat to health of the user and the adjacent environment, this has not been reported with the use of Hippie atomizers. They work effectively through the heating mechanism to offer multiple benefits to the user. You do not need to think twice!

Hope you enjoyed our blog :)

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