How to read E-cigarette reviews the right way

It’s obvious that electronic cigarettes, despite their fairly recent health controversies, have become very popular all over the world. This should not be a surprise to most people. After all, regardless of how you look at it, when you switch from traditional smoke based cigarettes that produce a tremendous amount of tar, you are moving to a healthier way to inhale nicotine.


We can debate until forever as to health improvements, but it’s undeniable that if you switch from pumping a tremendous amount of tar into the inner linings of your lungs to simply burning liquid, you are engaging in something healthier. 


Also, electronic cigarettes have been shown to help with the smoking cessation process. The percentage may not be as high as a lot of ecig proponents would like. But this is still positive news. I really can’t understand why this hasn’t gotten enough mileage in mainstream media all over the world. 


It has been shown in study after study that ecigs and electronic cigarette products of varying designs have helped people stop smoking. It provides a healthier intermediate path to eventually giving up on nicotine.


Finally, people have picked up this type of nicotine ingestion device because it simply looks cool. When you are using an electronic cigarette instead of a regular cigarette, you can’t help but look different. This is especially true if you are producing quite a bit of vapor.


It looks good, depending on the juice that you are using, it can smell really good as well. Talk about making a good impression not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of scent. Who can argue with that? 


Ecig brands have become very common


Back in the day, you really have to search far and wide to identify e-cigarette brands that have truly distinguished themselves. Now, the market has matured enough that when you mention certain brands like Halo, Volcano Blue, Hoosier, Logic, or Aspire, people would know what you’re talking about. 


In fact, it’s not unusual for a friendly debate to break out among Halo and Volcano ecig fans trying to get to the bottom of which device is better. You and I both know the answer really boils down to personal preference. 


If you have certain preferences, no one can really tell you that their particular way of doing things is superior. It really all boils down to finding the right tool that produces the right results at the right time and this is a very personal choice.


Ecig communities continue to grow


As more and more people become fans of a wide range of ecig brands as well as alternative ecig devices, we see the rise of online discussion communities. These online communities are actually not new. In fact, it’s high time that the ecig community developed such online watering holes. 


That’s really the best way to describe this phenomenon because if you’ve been paying attention to the internet, regardless of what you’re into whether you’re into Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, certain brands of computers, or certain sports teams, there will always be a message board or at least some sort of forum, Facebook group or Facebook page dedicated to whatever it is you’re obsessing about. 


Welcome to the world of online communities and market interest segmentation. That’s a fancy marketing way of saying that people with shared interests tend to cluster online. Birds of a feather, after all, flock together. Nothing revolutionary here.


But what’s so awesome about the internet is that it has made forming such communities so much easier. Back in the day, you basically have to have an office and you have to send out a lot of fliers. People would have to talk to people that they know. You would have to know somebody who would then, in turn, know somebody else. It was a big mess.


Also, these groups are all over the place and they hardly talk to each other. All that changed with the online community. Ecig online communities are great places to find out more information about your favorite e-cigarette brands. 


Whether you’re into Halo, Blue, Hoosier, Aspire, Logic, or any other upcoming brand, you can get the inside scoop there. Best of all, you can get discount coupons. Which ecig communities should you look into? 


If you want to break into it slowly, look for Ecig City. You can look for distinct stand-alone ecig forum sites and message boards. You could also try Reddit. It has amazing subsections or subreddits dedicated to everything and anything related to electronic cigarettes.


The bottom line: The market for ecig mods and accessories continues to expand


No discussion about e-cigarettes would be complete if we don’t at least touch on the growing market for supplemental products related to these devices. I am, of course, talking about ecig batteries, ecig juice, tanks, oils, and pipe equipment.


You have to remember when people use these devices, a lot of them are looking for durability and the most bang for their money. As some of these devices cost a pretty penny, it’s a good idea to invest in a little bit more cash in the top of the line accessories. 


This way, you can really maximize the enjoyment that you get from your particular nicotine ingestion device. You have to understand that ecig mods and accessories are not just available options for people looking for a spare or replacement.


In fact, just like with automobiles, more and more people are not happy with simply going with the stock parts of their ecig device. They would look for top-line batteries so their devices could last a long time. They would also look for a wide selection of juices. 


These come in all sorts of colors and flavors. They have different levels of vapor production. They also have different scents. It really is an amazing market because as the market matures, more and more people are paying extra for top of the line and distinctive accessories.


It’s kind of like the after-market industry for cars and motorcycles. More and more people are looking beyond stock equipment. They’re looking to make a statement or they’re looking to take their e-cigarette experience to the next level.


Given the rise of mods, as well as a wide range of different smoking and vapor production accessories, things have never been easier.



It’s so easy to buy ecigs online


Back in the day, you basically were left with a very narrow choice of places to buy ecigs. Now, there’s Ecig Express, Ecig Avenue, and Ecig Crib among many others. You can go to these places as starting points because they would direct you, or at least give you ideas, as to where to go next.


If you insist on buying from a lesser known brand or you’re looking for some sort of local flavor, you should be excited about the fact that ecig storefronts are popping up all over the place. The reality is that this is the best time to buy cigarettes online. 


You probably have heard of all sorts of controversies regarding these devices. There are all sorts of health initiatives in different stages of resolution in jurisdictions all over the United States. In fact, if you were to read a typical newspaper, you would probably be confused as to what exactly is going on with e-cigarettes. 


It seems that some jurisdictions are almost close to banning them while other jurisdictions are very loose and even friendly to these devices. The truth is there’s a huge demand for the latest and greatest models and technology. 


Things like the V2 electronic cigarettes are never going to go away, at least not soon enough for their critics. The bottom line is as more people discover their power of choice, as far as nicotine ingestion devices go, people are looking for the best value.


 This is what makes the whole process a little tricky. We could all agree that we want the very best electronic cigarettes. There’s just so many different ways we can go about finding the best product for us. 


A lot of this difficulty really turns on how you define “the best.” What may be the best for you may not be all that good to somebody else and vice versa. Somebody you know, who’s all into the ecig scene, may think that a particular brand is the best thing to come around since sliced bread. You might beg to differ. 


That goes with the territory. This is why you need to pay careful attention to the phrase “the best.” If you come across a review of any type of electronic cigarette product and they keep hammering home the point that this is the best product, you might want to sit up and pay attention.


I’m not saying you should do that in a good way. I’m saying you should become suspicious because a little bit of healthy skepticism can go a long way. if you’re looking for the best ecig source, mod, or simply the best, you have to have a good strategy for reading these materials.


A lot of them take the form of ecig reviews. This is a serious problem. How come? People have pretty much been programmed to give reviews a tremendous amount of deference. You would think that if somebody went through all the trouble and time of putting together some sort of analysis in the form of review that you should at least respect what they have to say.


That’s how they get you. It’s really the form that they are using to get you to drop your guard. If you were to rearrange the materials that they sent you and put it in a different format, you probably would be a little bit more skeptical. It would probably be more obvious to you that they’re just trying to sell you stuff.


This is the first step to properly reading electronic cigarette reviews. Otherwise, you will keep making the wrong call. 


Here are some hallmarks of reviews that you should pay attention to. Use these as reading filters so you don’t get taken for a ride. I understand the fact that you work hard for your money. We all do. It really would be a shame if you were to throw it around carelessly because you don’t have a good working strategy for reading electronic cigarette product reviews.


Pick reviews that truly understand how an ecig works


How can you tell a legit review from a worthless one? You need to determine initial credibility by looking at how the writer of the review describes the ecig operation process. If the reviewers somehow, someway, clueless regarding basic device operations, can you really trust them to recommend brands like Ego Ecig or Blue Electronic Cigarettes or recommend a trustworthy ecig store near me or ecig outlet? Of course not!


How can you trust them? They don’t even know how an ecig device works. If they can even make a point or make a showing with that very basic issue, you really have no business taking them seriously. It becomes readily apparent, and sometimes painfully transparent, that they’re just trying to sell you a product.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with the sales process. But you have to tell me from the get-go that you’re trying to sell me something. But if you’re going to try to hide behind a review format so I can drop my guard and give you the benefit of the doubt, then I have a problem with that. Do you see where I’m coming from?


This is how you should approach not only e-cigarette or electronic cigarette online reviews but any kind of review. I don’t care whether you’re buying airplane tickets, trying to reserve a spot at a nightclub, or anything else. You have to know how reviews work. You can’t let them take you for a ride.


My strategy: Read ecig reviews with a promotions filter 


The best way to go about doing this is to just assume that the review that you’re reading is trying to sell you a product. Just get that out of the way coming in. Besides the promotions, did you learn anything new about the brand that you’re interested in? what does it teach you about Blue Ecig? Max Electronic Cigarettes? Juul models? Or Jack releases? Did you get enlightened about White Cloud electronic cigarettes? 


If the answer is no, then you’re just looking at a glorified sales flier. That’s really al that it is. There’s really not much difference between those annoying pamphlets or fliers that you get for local businesses and the stuff that you’re reading online. It’s really all about just getting you to buy a product and not much else.


They’re definitely not interested in educating you. They couldn’t care less about you making a truly informed decision.


Avoid reviews that use fear to scare readers into buying


If you thought my advice to you above was a mouthful, wait. I’m just getting started. You see, a lot of these well-written reviews don’t try to sell you upfront. They’re not blatant about it. They know that most people have enough brain cells to tell if they are being sold to. So, what do these guys do?


They use fear to not only get your attention but to manipulate you into making some sort of decision that you normally would not do. Beware of reviews that fixate on accidents where an ecig explodes. 


Please understand that these accidents do happen. But guess what? TV sets, whether they’re flat screen or old school models, explode. But you don’t see newspaper headlines about that. Cars malfunction in such a way they lead to really horrific roadside disasters, but you don’t see people running around like chickens with their heads cut off about such news items.


Unfortunately, we live in the age of social media and it’s very easy for a lot of these media outlets to make a big deal about ecig popcorn lung and other health “disasters.” You have to be suspicious of the exaggerations. You have to understand that a lot of these online newspapers are simply trying to get clicks. They’re merely trying to put food on the table. That’s the bottom line.


If you look at the hard statistics, you actually have a higher chance of getting killed driving down your street than using the typical electronic cigarette device. Unfortunately, when you read a typical scary ecig review or “informative article” this is the last impression you would get. Be aware that this is happening.


The review should have a strictly ecig focus


It’s really important to make sure that if you’re reading a review, it’s all about ecigs. It shouldn’t just veer off into smoking pot, marijuana, or vaping. It should just stay on point. 



The review should be on a site with a decent e-cig gallery


Beware of reviews that are simply just glorified sales pages with not much else. If you read everything that they have, it’s all reviews and each review promotes one particular product. That’s transparent.


Unfortunately, people fall for that all the time. Look for something extra. See if they accommodate all types of ecig users like users of an e-cig starter kit or ecig mod aficionados. See if they have coupon codes like Ecig Express coupon materials.


Finally, cross-reference the reviews and see if ecig forums had heard of the review site you are using for reviews. This is how you find and benefit from the very best ecig reviews. Ignore everything else.




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