Use the right E-cig accessories for the very best electronic cigarette experience.

Let's get one thing clear: Different people use different electronic cigarettes for different reasons. For the most part, this should be self-explanation. In fact, it should be so obvious that it has to be common sense. 


Unfortunately, you and I both know that common sense is not all that common in, of all places, the internet. People think that when you buy a certain type of ecig or electronic cigarette device, your reasons for going with a particular brand or model is the same as theirs. 


The truth is different people come to different conclusions because they have different needs. Some people are looking for that “cool factor.” They just want to look cool. Let me tell you. If you want to make a statement and if you want to turn a lot of heads, one of the best ways to do that is to blow a lot of vapor out of your electronic cigarette device. 


It looks good. It definitely sends the message that you are in the vicinity. People can't help but pay attention. In fact, when you do that, you demand attention. There's something cool about that. It all depends on how you play it off. You can be very relaxed and chill about it, which communicates a tremendous amount of deep personal confidence. 


People also buy these products for stress relief. Let's face it. We are all stressed out. We are all under tremendous pressure. We have to deal with all sorts of deadlines. There's just so many things popping off in different parts of our life. We want to kick back and chill and do something that really takes the edge off.


Enjoying a nice ecig and drawing from that device can definitely go a long way as far as personal stress relief goes. Other people are drawn to different brands of electronic cigarettes due to their efficiency. I don't know about you. But when you smoke cigarettes, you're actually paying a very high price for nicotine. On a gram per gram, buzz per buzz basis, nothing comes close to ecigs when it involves processing tobacco so you can enjoy nicotine.


When you smoke traditional cigarettes, I'm talking about cigarettes that involve burning, you're not only releasing a lot of carbon in the air, but you're also lining the very sensitive innermost parts of your lungs with tar. 


If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the asphalt that you drive on. That's tar. That substance has the exact same chemical composition and shape of the stuff that ends up in the lining of your lungs. Why do you think a lot of people develop lung cancer?


This is not brain surgery, folks. This is pretty straightforward. If you're looking for maximum efficiency when it comes to ingesting nicotine, you can skip the tar thanks to e-cigarettes. 


Other people prefer certain brands or models because of their compact design. The lighter, the better. The more portable, the better. I really can't argue with that logic because at the end of the day, if you want a nice, quick nicotine buzz, you want to do it quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. 


You don't want to make a grand production out of it. You don't want to turn it into some sort of intricate ritual for the world to see. While you can produce quite a bit of exhaust, that's up to you. It all boils down to the specific device that you use. 


Finally, a lot of people switch to electronic cigarettes as a halfway step. I'm talking about that halfway point between smoking three packs a day with traditional cigarettes and eventually going cold turkey. We all know about the dangers of smoking. This is pretty basic science. 


The bad news is that it's one thing for people to wrap their minds around the bad health effects of smoking and it's another matter entirely to totally give up on nicotine. When you adopt an ecig lifestyle, you're going for that halfway point. It's a great and happy compromise between going cold turkey and refusing to quit smoking at all.




Brands are important


Now that you have a clear idea of the key factors that people deal with and process when making brand choices, it's also a good idea to clearly identify ecig brands that you can choose from. The interesting thing about these brands is that if you think that you have reached the end of the list and you have seen everything, another brand comes to the scene and demands your attention.


It's as if the list of brands in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer market continues to get longer and longer. It's not a big surprise why this is the case. There's nothing shocking about it. This is a very lucrative sunrise market. It's still beginning.


You may be thinking that electronic cigarettes have been around for at least 10 years. Well, think again. When it comes to commercial appeal and market acceptance. There's still a tremendous amount of market penetration to achieve.


This is no surprise that you have started seeing a long list of very interesting brands. These brands not only differ from each other in terms of product quality and design, but they differ in terms of their factories, their after sales service as well as their overall product presentation, promotion, and positioning.


Pay close attention to brands like Volcano, Blue, Hoosier, Logic, Logic Pro, V2, Aspire, Mark 10, Ego, and Halo Ecigs. As I said, the list keeps getting longer as more and more brands distinguish themselves from the competition.


You may be thinking to yourself that if you've seen one brand, you've pretty much seen them all. After all, they all have budgets. They all make a big deal about the fact that they're somehow different. But at the end of the day, since they all produce the same devices that help you do the same thing, what's the big deal? Can you really tell?


Why should you go with the brand instead of some sort of no-name contraption imported directly from mainland China? Good question. Solid brands mean solid business. That's the simplest way I can express the reality behind brands. 


You have to remember that a brand can only become a brand if it has some sort of track record. Nobody can come up with some sort of icon or logo and all of a sudden, call its product a brand. People are going to laugh at you. At the very least, they're going to scratch their heads because they think that you don't know what you're talking about.


They can't make heads or tails about your product because there's nothing to compare it to. You don't have a track record. You haven't really proven yourself in the marketplace. Solid brands rise above the competition because they have a reputation. 


They're able to produce a certain level of value consistently over an extended period of time. Now you may be thinking that that is a fairly shallow achievement. Well, think again. You may not be a very big fan of Mcdonald's, but you have to respect the fact that regardless of the particular branch you walk into, the quality is the same.


That's right. If I walk into a restaurant with golden arches in Milan, Italy, I can rest assured that the quality will be at the same level as if I have walked into a Mcdonald's branch in Manila. The same goes for eating at Tokyo one day and enjoying chicken McNuggets in Turin, Italy, the next day. 


It all boils down to a predictable level of quality. That is how you build a solid reputation because to be able to deliver a certain level of quality day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, require organizational discipline and a commitment to delivering a certain level of value.


It doesn't really matter whether you think Mcdonald's is trash or their quality is nothing to write home about. The fact that you can rest assured and draw a tremendous amount of confidence from a certain level of quality goes a long way because most other businesses are not like that. 


Applying this analysis to electronic cigarettes, you can see why solid brands mean solid business. They are tried and proven. They have been tested by the market for several years. If there was any issue regarding their quality or their ability to deliver value to the lives of people who have trusted their brand, you would've heard about it.



The reality: Finding the right brand is just the first step


I don't mean to pump you up at this point. I don't mean to give you the impression that you just need to find a solid brand and you can pretty much safely stop thinking. It doesn't work that way. It turns out that finding the right brand is just the first step. It opens the door. 


You get your foot in the door. But you still have to take steps inside. You still have to take the initiative. You still have to roll up your sleeves and to make sure that you are making a truly informed decision. How do you go about doing this?


First, you need to take your device to the next level by investing in the right accessories and ecig mods. You may be thinking that once you buy a particular electronic cigarette, you are set. After all, it's a compact device with all its different moving parts all in one piece. What's there to think about?


Are you kind of obsessing if you are looking for the very best accessories or the best mods? Not really. If you really want to get the best experience from that device, then you need to step up. You need to understand that the stock accessories and modifications that it comes with give you a standard experience.


In other words, you get a basic level of quality. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad. But just like with home desktop computers, if you want the very best gaming experience, then you have to get your mainboard from one manufacturer, your hard drive from another, your monitor from a specific vendor.


This way, you get best of a breed. You can rest assured by using that same buying strategy that all the different parts that make up your electronic cigarette will be top of the line. This leads to a higher chance that every time you use that electronic cigarette, you get the experience that you're looking for.


I'm not just talking about quality wise. I'm also talking about efficiency and quantity of nicotine.



Each component does its part in maximizing the value you get



Please understand that when you use ecig juices and you're letting out water vapor, a lot of things are in play. You have to have the right type, right ecig tanks, right ecig juice, and definitely the right ecig batteries. 


You may be thinking that the device is worth more than the sum of its parts. You are absolutely correct. But this does not in any way, shape or form free you from the responsibility of picking the right parts in the first place. Otherwise, you're just going to have a mediocre electronic cigarette experience.



High-quality mods help prevent disaster


I don't know about you, but every time I see sensationalistic online newspaper headlines on my Facebook timeline, I roll my eyes. After all, how many times can you play up an unfortunate disaster where an ecig explodes? It's like beating a dead horse.


The only thing more annoying are those news highlights that play up ecig popcorn lung conditions. We know that these things happen. But we also know that planes do crash and cars slam into walls. But you don't see them grabbing headlines. 


Instead, you get the wrong impression about the safety of electronic cigarettes. Considering the huge amount of devices out there currently on the market on a moment by moment basis, it really is a testimony to the overall safety of these devices that you don't hear about ecigs explosions all day, every day. 


The truth is there's just so much news fixating on FDA ecig issues or other “hot topics” in the industry. You have to set your mind right. Please understand that with the right high-quality mods, you can prevent disaster with your electronic cigarettes no matter how remote those accidents may be.


The bottom line is with the right information, and I'm talking about the right ecig reviews, you should be able to make a truly informed decision. Of course, you shouldn't believe everything you read online. If anything, you should filter these materials through your personal experience.


They have to make sense as far as your own personal usage of electronic cigarettes go. If you keep looking at different reviews that play up a particular brand of ecig juice, that should pique your curiosity. However, you should also be responsible. You should get to the bottom of the matter and see if the kind of ecig juice or other accessories that they are promoting actually fit your particular personal preference. 


That's how you play the game the right way.



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