Hippie NANO
Hippie NANO
Hippie NANO
Hippie NANO

Hippie NANO

$ 29.99

The Hippie NANO is the World's SMALLEST vaporizer for liquid. A true tiny vape that packs a changeable voltage control and even a pre-heating function. NANO is a great choice to be used with any disposable cartridge with 510 thread. Fill the leak-proof tank, that is included, with your favorite Liquid, either way, this vape is the most portable convenience on-the-go. 

On the left,  you can find supposedly the smallest vape ever, on the right its the NANO :)

    This super mini vaporizer designed for discretion, easily fits in your pocket or purse, invisible in your palm and travels well thanks to its compact size.

    • Preheat function 
    • Change voltage OPTION:
      • 4.0 V
      • 3.7 V
      • 3.4 V
    • Atomizer capacity : 0.5 gr
    • Battery: 500 mah
    • 510 Thread