The Hippie 2.0
The Hippie 2.0
The Hippie 2.0
The Hippie 2.0
The Hippie 2.0
The Hippie 2.0

The Hippie 2.0

$ 79.99

Hippie 2.0 [Premium quality, high performance herbal vaporizer with full ceramic chamber and glass pipe attachment]

 Check out the new, upgraded Hippie. New glass pipe attachment, upgraded air path, and ceramic chamber for extra smooth vapor, with an extended 5 min automatic shutoff timer.

Upgrade your order with the Wax Cup and The 2.0 will be capable to vaporize waxy oils (concentrates). What is the difference between 'vaporizer' pen and The Hippie. A regular vaporizer pen made for wax uses a coil, so it is burning the wax, but The Hippie 2.0 does truly vaporize it.

Product Details

— For Dry Herbs 
— Smart technology - remembering your last temperature setting
— Glass pipe, full ceramic chamber for great vapor
— Easy, one button use.
— Easy to clean, almost no maintenance necessary
— Extreme powerful, 2900 mAh Lithium-ion Samsung battery (18650 removable battery)

— MOD - no wire battery system, removable battery
— Micro USB charging 
— 356 F- 428 F Temperature Scale 

— 2 years of warranty

— The Hippie 2.0
— Glass Pipe Attachment
— USB Charger Cable 
— Wall Mount
— Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool, Tweezers 
— Filter Screens 
— Food Grade Rubber Mouthpiece
— Retro Leather Carrying Case 
— User Manual

  • Colors: Black
  • Materials: Stainless steel, Ceramic, Glass, Lithium Ion 
  • Measurements 5.5"L x 0.75"W , 4 oz



" I am not sure if it tastes better "
If you vaporize, the taste of the herb is, how it smells. Unchanged, original flavor without the burnt taste.

" I don't think I will get enough out of vaporizing vs. burning the herbs "
When you burn it, you are burning away some major components of the herb, but when you vaporize it, you  extract the flavors and aromas through a heating process without combustion.
Also, when you vaporize you eliminate most of the strong smell and second hand smoking!