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What is vaporizing

Vaporizing is heating up your herbs that lets the flavors and aromas escape without combustion. Eliminate ~90% of the smoke, odor and keep the main components of herbs by vaporizing, instead of burning them away the old-fashioned way.

Vaporizing is happening at temperatures of ~200-428F, smoking at ~2100F, the difference is obvious.

Herbal blends smell so refreshingly... why not get the original flavor, instead of the burnt taste.


Lifestyle. Technology. Future.

Lifestyle. Technology. Future.

Hippie Vaporizers was founded by experienced vaporizer developers from Miami Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California. We believe in honest business and good service. The Hippie vaporizers are products of passion , hard work and excellence. Our premium vaporizers are designed for maximum efficiency, outstanding function and unique form.

The Hippie Family
Introducing... The Hippie 2.0

Introducing... The Hippie 2.0

The Hippie 2.0 is an advanced system for herbs. Easy to use, low maintenance, fast heat-up portable vaporizer with smart micro chip and ceramic chamber and an optional glass mouthpiece for real, smooth vapor. The five different temperature settings allow you to customize the intensity of flavor for greater enjoyment. The elegant design and portability never disappoints and will supply the ultimate satisfaction.

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  • Elegant design

    Sturdy built with retro inspired leather cover

  • Smart technology

    Remembers your last used temperature settings

  • For dry herbs

    The 2.0 can be used for dry herbs and also for wax with the titanium insert

  • Fast

    Fast heating ceramic chamber

  • Strong battery

    2900 mAh removable battery

  • User-friendly

    One button, simplified use

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$ 159.00


Do you offer discrete packaging?

All our shipments are coming from our warehouse, no signs or marks indicating it is a Hippie Vaporizer.

When is my product getting shipped?

Your order ships via fast shipping method the same or next business day the latest.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

We offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

What can you vaporize with the Hippie excactly?

The Hippie 2.0 is capable of vaporizing basically any kind of dry herb. The wax cup insert upgrade makes it compatible with the waxy concentrate form of the herb. The Hippie W only vaporizes wax.

I can't see enough 'smoke'!

When you are new to vaporizing, it will be strange that 90% of the smoke is eliminated, so visibly the vapor will look like a thinner 'smoke'. But dont worry, this doest mean you are wasting your herbs. (for instance 75% more of the THC is kept when you vaporize vs. when burning it away smoking) If you want to control the tensity, get more vapor, just turn the temperature higher.

I can't afford it

After any purchase made on our website, you will receive a referral email. You will receive $30 after each friend who spends $140+ on HippieVape.com