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My Hippie 2.0 won't charge?

Hippie 2.0

Water Bong Attachment

How to turn the unit on or off?

Video on how to properly use Hippie 2.0?

Hippie 2.0 turns on but doesn't start heating?

Hippie 2.0 won't charge?

What are the 2.0 temperature settings of each color?

The Hippie Rebel

What is the Hippie Rebel's Temperature Range?

What is the Hippie Rebel's Chamber Capacity?

Can you vaporize waxy oil concentrates with the Hippie Rebel

How fast does the Hippie Rebel heat up?

Hippie OG

Hippie OG won't charge?

How to turn the OG on or off?

How to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

Replacement Screens

Do you sell replacement screens?

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Can I vaporize waxy oil concentrates?

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