I Love My Hippie Rebel

Take a look at this short compilation of satisfied customers expressing their love for their Hippie Rebel.

And be entered to win 2 FREE Hippie Rebels.

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Major Benefits of Vaping Your Bud

There are many benefits to using a vaporizer to consume your herb, reduced inhaling of smoke, conserving your weed, and having a better high, just to name a few.

In this post I'll discuss the 3 major benefits of vaping your weed rather than smoking it.
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How Vaping Is Beneficial to the Environment

We live in a world where millions of cars pour carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere on a daily basis. Therefore, you wouldn't think that smoking herb would have a negative impact on the environment.

But smoking pipes and joints do have serious consequences on the climate. And environmentally conscious herb lovers should definitely choose vaping.

Let's discuss why smoking is so harmful to the environment, and why vaping is the superior choice.

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[Video Review] Customers Love The Hippie Rebel

Customers Love The Hippie Rebel and all it's features.

Check out what Melanie from Brooklyn, NY, has say about why she loves Top Rated Vaporizer on the market, The Hippie Rebel.

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Benefits of Having a Portable Vaporizer vs A Desktop Vaporizer

This is a typical case of ease of carriage – portability in other words – versus the luxury of sitting at a desk and having a peaceful vape. For those who use dry herb vaporizers, not having the ability to carry it in their pockets is a major issue. But not everyone. It just depends on your proclivity.

If you do not travel that much then it is not that big of deal right?

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