Can Vape clouds spread COVID-19?

Propylene glycol is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH₃CHCH₂OH.
It was first synthesized in the 60's specifically as an air born antibacterial. It has been pumped threw vents in hospitals, and used in asthma inhalers for the purpose of keeping bacteria from being able to spread as easily. Containing two alcohol groups, it is classed as a diols. It is considered to be one of the safest synthesized inhalants by the FDA.
It is a viscous, colorless liquid, which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. With concentrations at or above 20%, both Ethylene and Propylene Glycol inhibit the growth and proliferation of most microbes.  

You can find all this information in a study done by UCLA medical center.

Vegetable Glycerin also has a great study that was ordered by the actors on Broadway when they became worried about the vapor they were constantly inhaling during "smoke" effects on stage. That smoke consisted of entirely  VG, and the study found no health effects.


Finally Nicotine

If you have ever studied any sort of chemistry, you will know that nicotine is an alcoloid very similar to caffine. It is not a carcinogen, nor has it ever actually been proven to be the truly addictive aspect of a cigarette. There are many other chemicals created in the combustion of a processed tobacco leaf that are substaintly more addictive and likely where cigarettes get their true hook. In tests, nicotine by its self has only been found to be slightly addictive, again similar to caffine's addictive nature.
Simply put, don't believe everything you hear. Just remember how deeply tobacco companies have their hands in the pockets of the politicians. Vaporizers are virtually harmless. I am not saying they are as good for you as just air, but let's be honest with ourselves, the air that everybody breathes, sitting in traffic or anywhere in a populated area is not great, Personal Vaporizers are not making it any worse.



Back in the 1940s, a young scientist by the name of Dr. Theodore Puck loved to study history in his spare time.  He was particularly fascinated by the stories of the Black Plague in fourteenth century London.
From a scientific perspective, Puck always wondered what caused the plague to stop spreading.  History says that it was only after the townspeople burned the city to the ground that the devastating event was finally over, but Puck always wanted to discover the true, underlying cause.
His theory was that there must have been some sort of chemical reaction occurring in the ashen air of the burning city of London that somehow killed the airborne bacteria spreading the disease.  So, Puck began experimenting with various chemicals when he eventually stumbled upon the miraculous health benefits of vaporized Propylene Glycol.  One of his most significant studies is entitled The Bactericidal action of propylene glycol vapor on microorganisms suspended in air (NLB-NIH).
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Dr. Puck discovered that when this compound is heated to only a mere 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it become vaporized.  And strangely coincidental, in the actual public research Puck even specifically references “patients with active respiratory disease.”

The action of propylene glycol on partially desiccated bacterial droplets such as one might expect to be present in the neighborhood of coughing or sneezing patients with active respiratory disease, was tested as follows. Several kinds of bacteria, pneumococcus, hemolytic streptococcus Group A and hemolytic streptococcus Group C were suspended in fresh unsterile saliva and sprayed into the experimental room. In each instance a period of time ranging from 35 to 40 minutes was allowed to elapse before introduction of the glycolvapor…

It was found that immediately after vaporization of the glycol, a sharp decrease in number or complete disappearance of these microorganisms which had been suspended in the air for 35 to 40 minutes occurred. One experiment in which the glycol was introduced 40 minutes following the bacterial spray is shown in Table VI. These experiments also revealed the fact that all the various forms of bacteria present in normal saliva were killed by the glycol.
Dr. Puck would eventually become a world-class scientist of the highest caliber.  Of course, he had no way of knowing at the time that his research would eventually lead to the invention of a new product that would literally save millions of people from smoking-related death and disease.  In 2015, his own country’s Royal College of Physicians would publish research together with Public Health England which indicates vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking!
A little-to-no scientific evidence proven a link between COVID-19 and vaping.
If a person had a preexisting condition related to respiratory health issue, obviously increases the chances to have complications with the virus.
Scientist are not hundred percent sure that vaping leads to lung disease or other chronic conditions. On the other hand, cigarette smokers are at higher risk to get infected with the virus.
Smoking has more related issues such as lung and hearth diseases, also inhibits the body's ability from healing from COVID-19.
Men are more susceptible to the virus than women, more men smoke in China than on average in high-HDI countries.
More than 723000 children between 10-14 years old 
273225000 adults 15 + years old continue to use tobacco each day, every year,  more than 1952200 people are killed by using tobacco.
China is spending 392591 million Yuan = 55,361,330,560.47 USD every year.
E-cigarette users without any lung disease or condition should stick with vaporizers, and not go back to the old harmful cigarettes, vape at low temperature to protect your lungs.
COVID-19 will not spread in vape clouds, only in user coughs.
Make sure to you wash your hands regularly at least for 20 seconds.
Cough in the crook of your arm.
make sure not to touch things, virus can adhere to surfaces.
Clean and sanitize your vape with alcohol - based disinfectants.
Stay home stay healthy :-)
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How to Take Care of Your Vape Pen: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to Take Care of Your Vape Pen: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Vaping is a cool alternative to smoking but vape pens are very delicate. If you do not take proper care of them, this can lead to mishaps to something as minor as leaks to something as major as explosions (yes, what you heard in the news can happen but it only happens because the vape owners were careless). Vaping is not just about looking cool and having a good time – it also comes with a responsibility to clean and maintain your device to make your vape pen last longer and give quality vapor all the time.

If you are one of those vapers who only think of doing it for show and have no idea how to clean and maintain a vape pen properly, there is no need to worry. This guide will teach you the proper ways to clean your vape pen for optimal performance and give you maintenance tips to help prolong your vape pen’s lifespan.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

When your vape is not offering the same quality vapor or if the flavor is not as strong, it is a sign that you should clean out your vape pen. Residues from every session can get stuck and accumulate in the tank and this can compromise the flavor and performance of even the best vape pen in the market. Whether you have a vape that costs $50 or $500, regular cleaning is always a must. In fact, expert vapers advise you vape pen every time you need to refill it.

When it comes to cleaning your vape pen, the first step you should do is to read the user’s manual. Not all vape pens are designed the same way. There may be some specific cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer and you should not miss out on that. 

If your user’s manual does not come with any specific cleaning instructions, you can use the methods in this guide. You do not need to make any extra purchases for the purpose of cleaning your vape pen. Sometimes all you need is a microfiber towel or a clean cloth, Q-tips, and alcohol. Read on to know specific steps on cleaning your vape pen:

Cleaning the Tank

If your vape pen has a detachable tank, the first thing you should do is to take the coil out. Detach the tank from the pen and then pour out any residues. If there are still some left, put the tank back on and power up your pen for about two to three minutes to burn off or loosen the stubborn residue. Then, take the tank apart and clean the parts with warm water. Make sure you do not wet the battery section, buttons, and charging port. Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the water off the components. Air dry them and only put the tank together when every part is completely dry.

If your vape pen is a one-piece design, cleaning can be a little challenging since you can not use water to clean your device. The safest way to clean units like this is to use a Q-tip. Soak the Q0tup in distilled water or propylene glycol and carefully wipe the insides of the tank. After, wipe off with a dry Q-tip. 

Cleaning the Vape Coil

Vape coils are very important when it comes to maintaining and delivering the flavor of your chosen vape concentrates. It is very important that they stay clean at all times. There are two types of vape coils: replaceable and rebuildable. Keep in mind that these two, although they perform the same function, are cleaned differently.

For replaceable coils, you can use the soak and rinse method. Let them soak in vinegar, vodka, or ethanol for a couple of hours then rinse it out with running water. Make sure that you blow air on the open side of the coil to force the water out from the wicking holes. Set it aside to air dry under the heat of the sun. This will take some time. But take note that these are replaceable so you cannot just keep cleaning them – they will wear out right away. It is better if you just keep stock and replace them with a new one instead of cleaning them out.

As for rebuildable coils, cleaning is definitely a requirement. Coils gunked up with residue will not only compromise the flavor but also the production of vapor. First, you have to remove the wick from the coils. If your coils do not look that dirty, you can do a quick burn off where you click on the fire button a couple of times to remove the remaining vape liquid. Once the coil has cooled down, you can return the wick. But if the coils still look dirty after the burnout, you should do some deeper cleaning. You can brush them off with a coil cleaning tool or an old toothbrush then rinse under rolling water. End the cleaning process by doing another burnout to remove any droplets of water remaining in the coil.

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A Guide to Purchasing Your First Vape Pen

So you decided to switch from smoking to vaping or you simply want to look like one of the cool kids. But you never had a vape before so you do not know what your personal preferences is. Never fear! This guide will help you limit your options when you buy vape pen online for the first time. Here is a list of factors that you should consider:


How much do you want to spend?

What is your budget? Considering that you are entirely new to vaping, it is best to start off with cheap vape pens (the portable ones) for you to explore your preferences first. Then, if you already know what you want in a vape, you can start investing in a high-quality vaporizer. Portables are definitely cheaper than desktop vaporizers.

Where will you be vaping?

When you buy vaporizer online, you will see vape devices of all sizes. Some are very portable, as small as an ordinary pen. While some are bulky with lots of tools and accessories. So the question is, where will you be vaping? If you want to be able to vape on the go, then you should get a portable vaping device. But if you want your vaping experience to be a discrete one – something that you only do in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then a desktop vaping device is the better choice. 


What do you want to vape?

You can vape different concentrates – you usually have to choose between oils, vape juice, dry herb, and wax. Some vape pens for sale are made for a specific concentration while there are some that can do two different kinds of concentrates. If you are vaping for medicinal purposes though, it is best to go with a desktop vaporizer for a stronger dose and better control. Do your research before settling on a unit – you may end up purchasing something that cannot accommodate your preferred concentrate.


What is your preferred power source?

Portable vaporizers have their batteries while desktop vaporizers have to be plugged in to function. A vape pen battery can lasts two to three days (depending on how much you use it) before you should charge it again. You also have the option of carrying spare batteries with you so you do not have to worry about running out of power while on the go. But if you prefer longer vaping sessions or want to do group vaping sessions, the desktop vaporizer is your best bet.


What flavor do you want?

The thing about vaping is that it smells and taste better than cigarettes. You get a wide array of flavors to choose from. E-juices have the best vape flavors and they emit a more aromatic smell that makes it okay for you to vape while you have company around since the smell will not be as bothersome as when you smoke.


Do you have design preferences?

Vape pens come in different styles, sizes, and materials. If you plan to use it all the time, you may want to pay attention to its design. High-quality vaporizers are made out of carbon fiber or stainless steel. You can also get a cheaper high-quality model made out of Pyrex glass or ceramics. Avoid materials like titanium alloys, silicon, or Teflon because they have a low melting point. Vape pens made out of these cheap materials can be dangerous if you do not always keep an eye on them or take good care of them.

Before you go through your options in online vape stores, go through these list of factors and find the answers. This will limit the options that you have and allow you to choose the best vape pen for your needs.


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Is Vaping Weed Good for Seniors?

More states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana due to their health benefits. In fact, a lot of senior patients benefit from it. They can get it through edibles but a number of the elderly are starting to enjoy taking their medical cannabis through a weed vaporizer too. But is this safe for seniors?



Can the Elderly Vape?

First of all, vaping is different from smoking although the premise is similar. The difference is that there is no nicotine involved when you use a weed vape – you are just taking in medical marijuana in vapor form. It is actually a good and enjoyable way to get their dose. This is entirely safe. Some start out with CBD vaping first before they go full medical cannabis. The comfort level to vaping is easier if these seniors were smokers but even non-smokers can enjoy the benefit of vaping as well – although at their age, it may take some time to get used to.


Instant Relief

What makes seniors love their weed pen is that they get instant relief once they vape. They can feel the effects almost instantly compared to other methods of taking in medical marijuana. If they are in pain, the best way to get instant relief is to vape weed.


Advantages of using a weed vape pen for seniors

Here are a list of benefits that seniors can get when vaping weed

  1. Relief from chronic pain – medical marijuana is one of the best medical relievers for the elderly and even for young ones who go through chronic pain. They are very effective for those who are going through arthritis and nerve pain.
  2. Fights off Alzheimer’s and dementia – Seniors who are exposed to medical weed are less likely to have dementia and Alzheimer’s since it can keep your brain active. According to scientific research, medical marijuana can help get rid of the toxic proteins that causes this diseases. Since medical marijuana also has anti-inflammatory properties, they help regenerate brain cells that are damaged. 
  3. Prevents glaucoma pain – Glaucoma happens when the neurons in charge of sending signals from the brain to the body starts breaking down. When this happens, there is painful pressure in the eyes, which affects the elderly’s sight. Vaporizers for weed can help deal with the pain related to it.
  4. Improves bone health – Deterioration of bone health is expected with aging. Medical marijuana can help heal fractures and keep the bones as healthy as possible. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help the elderly deal with pains from multiple sclerosis.
  5. Energy booster – Medical marijuana is effective as a fighter of inertia by giving boosts of energy. This boost happens when the weed helps strengthen the cells in the body and in return, causes a boost in regeneration. The antioxidants in medical marijuana is also found to be stronger than vitamins E and C.
  6. Quality sleep – Sleep is very important for the elderly as this is the period where the body recharges and heals itself. The older we get, the more difficult it is to get long periods of high-quality rest. Getting quality sleep is important to prevent illnesses and diseases. The best vaporizer for weed can easily help seniors relax before bedtime and this is effective in getting better sleep.
  7. Appetite stimulant – Loss of appetite is pretty common with seniors as they age and this is mostly caused by weakness and other health issues. This is a problem since the less they eat, the lesser chances they heal. Medical marijuana is proven to be an appetite stimulant. When seniors eat more, there are more chances that stay healthy.

As you can see, vaping weed has a lot of benefits for seniors. As long as the right dosage and vape settings are observed, you do not even have to worry about them getting high. Getting them the best weed vaporizer in the market would be a treat.




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Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking

Smoking dry herbs is not a new trend. This is something that has been done for centuries. It actually is practiced among different cultures across the world. In fact, cigarettes are rolled up dried herbs. With the vaping culture making a hit, the dry herb vaporizer makes it possible for this generation to practice dry herb smoking without its harmful effects.


Less Toxins Involved 

When you use an herbal vaporizer pen, you use indirect heat on the dry herbs and the temperature is controlled and specific. Because of this, the dry herbs do not turn into ash, making it a healthier alternative. Carbon monoxide levels are almost eliminated with vaping which means that other toxins related to dry herb combustion will be absent as well.


Easier on the Throat and Lungs

Because the heat involved in vaping is much lower, the vapor produced will be cooler compared to smoke produced by cigarettes. This makes your herbal vaping session a more pleasurable experience since it is easier on your throat.

Better Flavor

Everyone knows that nicotine does not have the best flavor. With vaping, you get a better flavor since it does not come with a burnt taste. You get to savor the flavor of dry herbs instead. 


No Lingering Smell

Another advantage of using an herbal vaporizer over cigarette is that they do not smell as much. Smoking is not so discrete since the smell lingers and stick to your clothes, hair, and other belongings.



The discretion that vaping gives is not just limited to smell – its appearance can be easily covered up as well. You can find that the best herbal vaporizers can easily be disguised off as a pen or a tube of cologne. They are quite portable and small in size that some units can easily fit on your shirt pocket.


Easy Dosage for Medicinal Herbs

The best dry herb vaporizer can heat your dry herbs at a very specific temperature. This will make things easier for you if you need dry herbs for medicinal purposes. Because vaping uses a more controlled and lower heart source, the herbal components are released not in one burst but in constant, steady amounts. This allows you to experience the medicinal benefits better. In fact, elderly patients prefer to vape their medicinal herbs or medical marijuana since it is an easier process and they get to feel relief instantly.

Looks cooler

Admit it – when you smoke a cigarette you get those criticizing looks by people passing by. When you use a vaporizer, it turns those judging looks into wonder. You can be surrounded by puffs of aromatic smoke and most people would not mind.


Saves Money

The initial purchase of getting your own vaping kit may seem like a huge investment at first glance. But if you compare how much you spend on cigarettes per month compared to vaporized dry herbs, you will realize how cheaper it is to vape in the long run. You consume more cigarettes in a day while with vaping, you can only take a few puffs and be satisfied. These vaping pens are also refillable so there is less waste involved in this recreational habit.


It is about time you start thinking about your health. Smoking is a habit that is not easy to stop but if you start switching your cigarette with a dry herb vape pen, you will be able to get rid of your need for nicotine in no time.

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