How to pick the right e-liquid for ecig devices

I can't even begin to tell you how diverse the electronic cigarette market has become. You only need to look at the big brands like Halo, Juul, and others to see the wide range of design diversity out there. In fact, there are so many different design variations that you can quickly be forgiven for thinking that the electronic cigarette industry has achieved a high state of customization. 



This is a stage in any kind of manufacturing industry where recognized brands directly cater to the specific requirements of their users. Think of this as custom cars or custom cameras. It would be great for the industry to reach that level. But appearances aside, it really hasn't.


This is kind of let down for many e-cig fans because the Internet has made customization so affordable and so convenient for so many other products and industries. Sadly, this stage of manufacturing evolution hasn’t reached electronic cigarettes yet.


The reason why some people have this impression is because there's just a wide range of ecig device variations out there. In fact, if you're not paying close attention, you might even walk away with the false impression that manufacturers are basically just asking for custom specifications from their buyers and manufacturing truly personalized device.


Sadly, we are still probably several years away from that market reality. Would that be awesome? Absolutely! Would it be practical in the here and now? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There's really no economy of scale. Also, given the decreasing profit margins in electronic cigarette manufacturing, the profit incentives might not actually exist.


Don't think that just because there's a tremendous amount of customization, variation and personalization options currently on the market that we have reached a stage of full personalization and customization. One could only hope.


Still, there is a lot of space for you to move when it comes to the accessories that you buy with your electronic cigarette. You have to remember that a nicotine ingestion device is not a self-enclosed unit. It's not like the bad old days where you pick a brand and you are left with a self-enclosed device.


Everything comes from a specific manufacturer. All the different components of the device have to be bought from the same place. All must carry the same brand. So on and so forth. Thankfully, we no longer have to deal with that situation. 


Whether you bought electronic cigarettes from a few years back and had to deal with that hassle or you're curious as to why that's a bad idea, let me tell you the limitations of self-enclosed units. First of all, when you buy an electronic cigarette, you're looking for an experience. 


You're not really looking for a brand or a specific device. You're just looking for an experience. It doesn't really matter what kind of biochemical compound you use that device for. You want to have a good time. 


The problem is you can only buy a certain e-liquid because of the brand of ecig you use, it's as if you're putting on handcuffs. You are limiting your options unnecessarily. You have to understand that the heart and soul of this type of nicotine ingestion device is the liquid.


Forget about what you've heard in the past. A lot of promoters might have told you that it's the type, battery or any other hardware component. Well, I beg to disagree. If you think about it, the way you ingest this material really turns on the quality of the liquid. 


I hate to be the one to report this to you. But in many cases, if you use one ecigarette and you compare the experience to a dozen other units, if you're using the same e-liquid, the variations are actually negligible. 


In fact, you really have to be paying attention to notice anything at all. What if we flip that and change the liquid that you're putting in your device? When that happens, all bets are off. Believe me, there's a big difference between ingesting an e-liquid going by the name of opium or kush and an e-liquid with the flavor description of bubblegum.


I'm not just talking about the flavor here. I'm not just talking about the rush that you feel and the sensation that fills your mouth and the surface of your tongue. There's a lot to write about when it comes to those two, but there's something else that's going on here.


The whole environment and experience that you get when you jump from one e-liquid to another and from one brand to another is like day and night. You see, e-liquid is not just raw, unfiltered liquid nicotine. If that was the case, then all ecig experiences will be the same.


It's like smoking Marlboro lights all day, every day. The main reason why people smoke branded cigarettes in the first place is that of the consistency of the experience. 


If you're big on Camel cigarettes, you will get the same experience smoking Camels in San Francisco as you would smoking Camel cigarettes in Mexico, Morocco or Mongolia. Name another country that starts with an M. It all goes back to the same place because you're using a standard uniform product.


Now if you were to switch from cigarette brand to cigarette brand, then all bets are off. It's as if you are rolling the dice, shaking your hand and hoping that you role the right combination. It's anybody's guess. It's too random. It's too unstable. 


You're probably not going to have a good time. What's the point of enjoying a piece of heaven coursing through your bloodstream and giving you a nice little rush and then all of a sudden, after a few days, you try to get the same experience and you end up with a whole lot of nothing.


This is why it's really important to select the right e-juice. If you think about it, this is the most important component of your electronic cigarette experience. It's not even the electronic cigarette device itself. If you think about it hard enough, there are all sort of devices that you could use to heat up the liquid.


What's important is that you are heating up the right substance and you're getting the experience that you're looking for. This is what you bargained for. This is what you're into. This is the core of the experience. This is why it's really a good idea to pay attention to the following considerations.


First of all, your choice of e-liquid must fit your personality. Are you a bubbly person? Are you a creative person? Do you tend to look at the world with a fresh set of eyes? Do you consider yourself unusual? Well, your ecig liquid should reflect some of that persona. 


Also, you need to look for a liquid that works well enough with your device. If you have to unpack stuff, put stuff in cartridges or otherwise roll up your sleeves and perform some hard manual work just to get your ecig to do its job, you're probably using the wrong e-liquid or wrong device altogether.


Also, you have to look at whether the liquid that you're going to be ingesting will get boring. Believe me. Even the very best of us suffer from this. Even the very best of us get blindsided by this. It's very easy to see why.


The first time you try bubblegum or orange flavored e-liquid, you might be thinking that this is the best stuff to happen to you since sliced bread. That may well be the case, but using the same liquid all day, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, gets boring quickly. This is why you know you are dealing with the right e-liquid brand when it's almost impossible for you to get tired of using your electronic cigarette.


Each and every experience is different. What went on before is different from today and you can rest assured that your future electronic cigarette usage is going to be different from today. All of this is only possible because you picked out the right e-liquid.


Also, pay close attention to how much nicotine the liquid has. Some e-liquid manufacturers enable you to set custom nicotine levels. During the check out process, you can actually select nicotine levels. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don't give you that much of a choice. Those are only custom manufacturers and custom formulations.


By enlarge, you are stuck with the nicotine level of a particular brand. So pay close attention to this. If you like a nice hit of nicotine, it's as if like a donkey kicked you in the chest, then insist on high nicotine liquid. 


If you're looking for a very light, casual, almost nicotine free experience, then insist on e-liquid that is light on nicotine. A little bit of customization can definitely go a long way. 


It really helps if you spend enough time put enough attention to detail to the extent that you treat your e-liquid as some sort of electronic cigarette accessory. If this is your mindset and you end up picking out e-liquids the same way you would pick out a nicotine ingestion device, chances are quite high that you will end up with the right e-liquid.


With that level of attention to detail, in light of the many different components that you're going to be using this liquid with, the chances of you making the wrong call are actually quite minimal. You know yourself better than anybody else. 


By paying close attention to your personal needs and particular usage circumstances, chances are quite good that you will get the right product that produces the right results at the right time at the right place. Things simply fall into place because you are paying close attention.


Finally, your choice of e-liquid must fit your lifestyle. It must be easy to mix, store and use. So pay close attention to these considerations because, after all, there really is no one size fits all solution. You are on your own. But if you know the proper circumstances of your use of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in particular, the chances of you making the right call are higher than otherwise. 

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What makes a solid ecig battery brand?

Usually, when people think of electronic cigarettes or other alternative nicotine ingestion devices, they think of the pipe itself or the heating coil. A lot of users think that these are the most important parts of a typical electronic cigarette composite device.



In large part, they are correct. But you have to also pay attention to the battery of the device. If your battery does a lousy job of powering up your device, you're really wasting a tremendous amount of money. You're basically throwing away good money after bad.


It's bad enough that you bought something that is inefficient and badly designed. You really don't want to make it worse by buying the wrong battery. Unfortunately, for a lot of electronic cigarette users, picking out the right ecig batter is not exactly at the top of their agenda.


In fact, in many cases, it's very easy for them to overlook this electronic cigarette related accessory. A lot of them would focus on the overall design of the pipe. They would obsess about how light and portable the device is.


This is completely understandable because if you use your device to inhale a biochemical compound, whether completely natural or partly synthetic that is in the legal gray area in your jurisdiction, you might be spending some time in court.


Most people would rather avoid this like the plague. This is why they are obsessed about practical matters like portability, small compact footprint and very lightweight. That's understandable and that should be a priority. But you shouldn't just focus on those.


You have to also look at the rest of the puzzle. Spend enough time analyzing the versatility of the battery that you are buying. You have to understand that any kind of product that you buy, especially ones that are made of many different moving parts, need your full analysis. Otherwise, you're not really getting maximum total use value for that device.


Why should you spend time analyzing an ecig battery? Isn't this component pretty much generic? Well, I wish I could tell you that once you've seen an ecig battery, you've pretty much seen them all. The problem is if I were to tell you that, I would be flat out lying to you because the market has evolved to the point that there are specialist battery makers.


They know what's at stake. They know that connoisseurs have higher demand. They're looking for the very best and that's why there is an aftermarket for electronic cigarettes batteries. This is not one of those components that you just have to automatically trust the brand that you normally go with. Why not pick a specific brand but insist on an aftermarket battery brand and other accessories?


That's how the game has evolved to this point. It's very welcome in development if you ask me. Just like mountain bikes, in the past, were sold as a package, electronic cigarettes and other similar devices were sold as a package. It's as if you did not really have any choice.


If you were to buy Juul or Halo electronic cigarettes, you're pretty much stuck with whatever battery the device comes with. It would be awesome if the brand that you normally buy is renowned for their attention to detail and providing a complete product.


But you and I both know that even the most respected world-renowned brand has areas for improvement. Unfortunately, one of the usual suspects in terms of design oversight and areas for improvement is the battery unit for an electronic cigarette.


So if you are looking for the “best of breed” for electronic cigarette battery brands, pay attention to the following.





You want a battery that you can quickly put in and replace. You want something that makes the whole battery replacement process quick, easy and painless. I wish I could tell you that you can safely expect all these features from all the electronic cigarette batteries currently in existence.


Unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact, in many situations, it's far from the case. A lot of batteries require screws or you have to unpack one chamber or take out one section. The problem is there is really no fixed standard. So you're pretty much on your own when you're skipping from one brand to another.


When you insist on maximum battery versatility, you protect yourself from the hassle of being at the mercy of the specific electronic cigarette design of your favorite brand. Very versatile brands have taken into account the wide variation among the different electronic cigarette makers and they accommodate them. 


This is why you should insist on versatility. You should also look at flexibility. The right electronic cigarette battery is flexible enough. Meaning it can deliver the power needed by your device for an extended period of time.


I'm not talking about a ridiculously long period of time. But it should be flexible enough. The last thing that you want is a very rigid battery. It's anybody's guess when the battery has died. In fact, in many cases, you are the last person to know.


You find out that your electronic cigarette has run out of electrical battery juice precisely at that point in time where you most need a hit. Imagine jonesing for a nicotine or hash oil fix and your electronic cigarette has conked out. Talk about a buzzkill or disappointment.


Don't let yourself down that way. Insist on flexibility as far as your ecig battery brand choices are concerned. A little bit of flexibility can definitely go a long way because let's face it. You don't want to put yourself in a desperate situation. You don't want to put yourself in a negative spot precisely at the time that you need a nice little boost of nicotine, marijuana or CBD. 





You may be thinking to yourself that if you've seen one battery, you've pretty much seen them all because how complicated can batteries be? It's not like their job is all that complicated, convoluted or arcane. 


Well, you might want to think again. A little bit of innovation can definitely go a long way because not all batteries operate the same way and they are definitely not created equal. As much as possible, insist on batteries that use innovative technology to preserve their life.


This means that whether you buy the battery right off the factory floor or several months after it has been stored on a shelf somewhere, it will continue to knock the ball out of the park as far as performance is concerned. You need to insist on that kind of dependability.


That's only possible if the battery maker brand actually pays a lot of attention to innovation. They don't just focus on battery technology as it exists today. They insist on pushing the limits or expanding the outer edges of the technology envelope in their industry. 


Unfortunately, those types of companies are few and far between. A lot of companies are no named brand companies precisely because they don't want to rock the boat. They're not really in it for innovation or to take the game to the next level. They're not looking for some sort of earth-shattering, revolutionary new disruptive technology in electronic cigarette batteries.


They just want to collect their slice of the pie as far as this type of device is concerned. Do yourself a big favor. Figure out the true innovators because you will be greatly rewarded. Not only is your battery going to last longer, but it can actually operate in a more optimal way. This can lead to you maximizing the value that you get from that type of device.


Remember, an electronic cigarette is a unified device. All components must do their job. It's kind of like being part of a basketball team. You may have the best setter in the league and you may have amazing point guards. But this doesn't mean that everybody else gets to sit on their hands. This doesn't mean that everybody else gets entitled to do the very least because they can rest assured that a few star players will carry the team. It doesn't work that way.


Everybody has to carry their own weight. Everybody has to contribute to the overall goal. The same applies to any kind of product design. You may be thinking that a specific product or a specific appliances only has one key component. You may be absolutely correct about that because most of the value that you get out of that device turns on that components operations.


But this doesn't in any way, shape or form get the manufacturer off the hook in terms of properly designing and manufacturing the rest of the support components. Everything has to line up just right for you to get the experience you're looking for from that device. Otherwise, you just got ripped off. That's really the bottom line.


That's why it's really important when you're looking for electronic cigarette battery or battery like component to look past the brand. Focus on the level of innovation packed into this component so you can rest assured at some level or other that you will get the experience you're looking for.


You may be thinking that you're buying this thing because it performs a specific job. Look at the big picture. You're not really looking for a battery that delivers enough current right when you need it wherever you are. Instead, you're looking for an experience. You're looking for total value. Think in those terms so you can make a truly informed decision as to which electronic cigarette battery brand to go with and which ones to ignore.



Never forget after sales service


If you buy a battery that is generic and is absolutely forgettable, don't be surprised if things go south sooner rather than later. If you find yourself constantly puffing on an electronic cigarette device that is underpowered, you only have yourself to blame. How come?


You chose a no-name brand. You chose a device that is really not going to give you the battery power that you need to get the nicotine ingestion or marijuana enjoyment experience that you're looking for. Do yourself a very big favor and look for solid after-sales service. 

You may be wondering how's this even possible. After all, there are tons of battery makers out there. It's not like they're going to make this information public. Well, they are if you look hard enough. You have to understand that when people buy any kind of product, eventually, some of them will be so excited and happy with their purchase that they would blog about it.On the other end, there are some people that are so turned off and disappointed by their choice that they speak up about it. Either way, this collection of public impressions and reviews about electronic cigarette brands, eliquids, electronic cigarette juices and other accessories related to this device serves to protect the public.



Sure a lot of people exaggerate their reviews. According to these reviews, it's the end of the world. But if you know how to read between the lines and if you are able to look at the general context in which people post these reviews, you will be able to get a clear reading of the manufacturing quality of the battery, whether it meets the expectations of its target audience and the overall general market perception of this product.


Once you have this information, you can then make a truly informed choice. This is how you create a lifestyle fit between the electronic cigarette products that you buy and their accessories. Again, this is not a small detail. Any mistakes you make in buying or selecting among a wide range of electronic cigarette options can come back to haunt you. A little bit of attention to detail can definitely go a long way. 

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How to shop for the right e-cigarette

Forget what you've heard about the safety of e-cigarettes. The truth is if you are using electronic cigarettes, you are using a device to ingest nicotine that is much safer than traditional cigarettes. Don't let anybody convince you otherwise.


 If you need proof of this, try lighting up a traditional cigarette. I dare you. First of all, it's going to throw you off if you have been using e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes all this time. It's a completely different operation. You basically take out a pack and you take out a stick from the pack. You then light it up. 


What's wrong with this picture? If you've been using e-cigs all this time, you know that you load it with a liquid and the unit heats itself up. There is no open flame. Second, when you take in the vapor created by the heating coil inside the electronic cigarette, there is one compound that is not created. 


This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to comparing old school traditional cigarettes with the electronic variety. What am I talking about? Tar. If you are clueless regarding what Tar is, please understand that it is something that's created when you burn plant material. 


It doesn't matter what kind of herbal material you're burning. Maybe it's tobacco or it's marijuana or Kratom. Whatever it is that you're burning, tar is created. Tar is bad news. If you need proof of this, just look at the black stuff being laid on the asphalt road that you travel on. If you have a car and you do any kind of driving, chances are you have come across black tar top roads. 


The stuff that's on those roads is the stuff you're putting in your lungs when you smoke a traditional cigarette. There are no two ways about this. I don't say this to shock you. I don't say this to scandalize you. But this is the absolute truth.


When you burn any kind of herbal materials, tar is a by-product. Imagine painting that substance on the most sensitive part of your body. I am, of course, talking about the thin inner lining of your lungs. People are shocked that after many years of smoking, they develop lung cancer. It shouldn't be a big mystery.


When you smoke a cigarette, you're pumping tar into your system. You only need to look at the autopsy pictures of people who smoke traditional cigarettes and people who don't smoke. It's like day and night. One set of lungs is all brown, or even black because of the tar and the other set of lungs is a nice healthy pink. Which would you rather have? Which set of lungs do you think leads to better health?


This is why a lot of people have been turned on to electronic cigarettes. When you use an electronic cigarette, you let go of tar. You get out from under the nasty negative health consequences of painting that toxic biochemical compound on the most sensitive part of your body. 


Whether you're wheezing, coughing uncontrollably or suffering from itchy lungs, you know what to blame. Tar is bad news. When you use electronic cigarettes, you use a device that creates vapor out of your electronic liquid. You go straight to the source.


Now you and I both know that you're using electronic cigarettes to pump nicotine throughout your system. If you're going to do that, why not do it in a healthy way? Why not just use an electronic cigarette? 


If we're on the same page, the next question turns on how to shop for the right ecig. Since more and more people are realizing the tremendous health benefits of this particular nicotine ingestion device, the market is simply flooded with all sorts of contraptions, gadgets, and devices.


It's really hard to make heads or tails of all these devices unless you have some sort of system or method for telling them apart. The problem is just like with all other consumers, you worked hard for your money. It really would be a shame if you were to separate from your money for no good reason.


Unfortunately, there's just so many different ecig product varieties out there that it's too easy to end up with the wrong product. You may be thinking that you're not really spending all that much money because a lot of these ecig products and electronic cigarettes devices, as well as vape pens and other ecig accessories, are fairly affordable.


Fair enough. In the big scheme of things, you're not really losing all that much money when you make one bad call. The problem is if you make one bad call after another and you can't seem to make the right decision as far as the right electronic and nicotine ingestion device to buy, all those bad decisions can catch up to you.


Sure you may be spending $30 or $50 at a time. But all those purchases can set you back because all that money does add up. Let's put it this way. You worked hard for your money. You traded in a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy to make the cash that you make. It really would be sad if you were so casual in the ecig purchases that you end up burning a hole through your pocket. 


You don't have to do that. Just pay attention to the consumer guide below so you can make a truly informed decision. When you make a decision based on solid information, the chances of you regretting your decision get lower.


I'm not saying this is guaranteed to work for all people at all times under all circumstances. But believe me, this is so much better than just taking a random shot in the dark and hoping for the very best. Unfortunately, that's exactly the kind of thing many electronic cigarette buyers do.


It doesn't matter how long they've been using this device. They end up finding themselves in the same place. They're basically taking a chance with one new brand after another. You have to understand that the market is flooded. There just seems to be so many different options out there and it's just so easy to lose your money. 


So how exactly do you shop for the right electronic cigarette device? How do you tell all these online stores apart? How can you be sure that you have bought the right product? Pay close attention to the following product features.



Does it have the right weight?


Different users have different preferences when it comes to device weight. Maybe you're always on the go. Maybe you're a very busy person. Perhaps you don't have a fixed schedule. In that situation, you need something that is very lightweight. It has to be so lightweight that you don't even notice it. this seems like a pretty straightforward feature, but it isn't.


There are many different products out there with many different weight profiles. You may be thinking that the difference may be a gram here and there. But believe me. If you are really busy or you normally carry a lot of stuff on your person, you will feel every extra unwanted gram. 


Do yourself a big favor and pay close attention to the weight of the devices that you're thinking of buying and see if it fits with the general electronic cigarette lifestyle that you have.





Some ecig devices, like ecig pipes, have many different parts. You actually have to assemble them or you have to make some adjustments for you to use them. If you're just going to stay at home and you are sure that you're really not going to be moving from point A to point B when you are using this device, such complicated contraptions shouldn't be a problem for you.


It doesn't really take much of a commitment. It doesn't slow you down. Using such devices are not going to cramp your style. But if you plan to use electronic cigarettes on the road or you're a very busy person, its lack of portability might be a sticking point.


In fact, the longer you use that device, the more you become painfully aware of just how big of a factor portability is. Don't underestimate the importance of portability. You want something that you can take out, use and quickly pack away.


This is especially true if you are using your ecig to ingest substances that may not be completely legal in your jurisdiction. I am, of course, talking about CBD oil or other marijuana extracted biochemical compounds. 


Now we all know that the active ingredient in marijuana is THC. But even if you are not ingesting THC with you ecig, you might still end up in legal hot water. That's why a little bit of portability paired with a compact footprint can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary legal headaches.



Compact Design


Some users don't really care about the size of their device. They just want a solid draw. They just want a device that produces a lot of vapor and does the job the first time around. Others are willing to sacrifice a little bit of drawing power and overall potency in exchange for a small footprint. 


As mentioned above, if you are not very careful, chances are you might land in legal hot water if you are using your device to ingest compounds that are in a legal gray area in your jurisdiction. 


If your neck of the woods hasn't passed a medical marijuana law, a compassionate use act or has taken the extraordinary step of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and marijuana-based compounds, you may be experiencing serious legal headaches down the road. Who wants to hassle with that?


That's why a little bit of compact design can definitely go a long way to keep you clear of any legal complications.



Ease of cleaning


A lot of electronic cigarette users are completely blind to this. They think that as long as they buy the right accessories like the ecig batteries or the right ejuice or eliquid combination that they are in the right place. They think that it all pretty much falls into place and they don't have to worry about the day to day aspects of maintenance.


Well, they have another thing coming because you have to understand that while you're not creating tar with your electronic nicotine ingestion device, it still needs to be cleaned. Whenever you use any kind of liquid compound, whether it contains nicotine or some other biochemical compound like CBD, this residue piles up.


You might not be able to see it with a naked eye the first few times you use your ecig pipe or other devices. But believe me. After enough usage, it becomes abundantly clear. In fact, it can get so bad that it seems that your ecig is no longer working. 


It may well turn out that you just need to give it a nice cleaning. This might seem pretty straightforward. It might even seem like common sense. But the problem is if the design of the device gets in the way of ease of cleaning, what do you think will happen?


That's right. You're probably not going to be all that motivated to clean your device and before you know it, it's so sticky and clogged that you decide to give up on it and buy a new device. Now, this might save you a lot of time. But eventually, all those discarded electronic cigarettes can pack quite a financial punch.


They're not exactly disposable. Do yourself a big favor. Pay close attention to this practical concern. It may not be top of mind to you. But residue does pile up and accumulate over time and it can cause serious headaches down the road.



Cosmetic issues


A lot of people who use electronic cigarettes are not really all that caught up in making a fashion statement. They're not really out there to make a spectacle of themselves. In fact, most of them are just simply looking for a quick in and out a solution to their need for a nice surge of nicotine. Fair enough.


But you have to understand that everything you use is a reflection of your personality. You have some sort of personal brand that you are ____ (16:15) really would suck for you to pick the wrong device. It really would suck for you to give out the wrong signals because the color, design and the overall impression people get out of your ecig doesn't really match the persona that you're trying to project for yourself.


I know this might seem shallow. But you have to understand that people do judge books by their cover. A little bit of extra time spent in making sure that you buy the right pipe and ecig composite equipment made up of the right materials and accessories can go a long way. 


Remember, this is all part of an overall alternative lifestyle. Finally, make sure you pick a device that you can use for an extended period of time. The longer the life of the product, the greater of a bargain it is.


Let's put it this way. Even if something costs only $10, if you only get to use it twice, is going to be a very expensive device indeed. Focus on the total cost of each usage of a device gives you.

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Facts about Halloween you never knew...


A little knowledge about Halloween

Halloween marked to be on October 31st. in our calendar but originally came from the Celts. Samhain was the day when the gate opened between two worlds so the spirits could come and go. They ware costumes made out of animal skin, skulls and masks to scare the ghosts away, even today some traditions are required to leave food and light candles for the death.

But mostly just trick or treat, dress up and celebrate, at least in America.

A few interesting facts about Halloween what yo don't know. 

“Souling” is a medieval Christian precursor to modern-day trick-or-treating. On Hallowmas (November 1), the poor would go door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for soul cakes.

Harry Houdini was one of the most famous and mysterious magicians who ever lived. Strangely enough, he died on Halloween night as a result of appendicitis.

According to consumer federation numbers in 2010 an average person spent  $66.28 —which would be a total of approximately $5.8 billion—on Halloween costumes and sweets.  That’s up from $56.31 in 2009 and brings spending back to 2008 levels.

Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B.C., which means Halloween has been around for over 6,000 years.

Irish immigrants brought the Halloween traditions to America, the name comes from  the Irish folktale Stingy Jack who invited the Devil to have a drink with him but he had no money to pay for the drinks, he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin so he could pay for the drinks, Jack decided to keep the coin and put into his pocket next to a silver cross which prevented the Devil to change back to his original form. He freed the Devil eventually but under the condition that he won't take his soul when he dies.

Later he fooled the Devil again to pick a fruit from a tree when the Devil climbed up to the tree he carved a cross into the bark so the Devil could not come down until he promised Jack that he wouldn't bother him for ten years. Looks like Jack was a tricky guy and loved freebies :)

It’s unclear whether black cats are actually sacrificed around Halloween, but various animal shelters refuse to let people adopt these cats in the lead-up to the holiday.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any spookier, the Human Slinky costume can be found on eBay for a cute little price of $1 million dollars! Happy Halloween, you better dress up sooner and rob a bank.


Our Picks for Costume Ideas


Can't go wrong with Pizza eating Lantern Head


     Simply Scarry and a great way to save on your costume


Good Old Clown still scares the life out of me

A spooky costume is never perfect enough without smoke.

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        Easy to carry around and last all night!


Innocent little device with a good amount of smoke and this is just the beginning, come and take a look at our store! And find what you need to enjoy and be festive for Halloween.



Hope you enjoyed our blog :)

Happy Halloween from the Hippie! 







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How to find the healthy way to smoke.

How to Find the Right eCig Health Information Online

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock, eCig health issues and related controversies have been in the news lately. It seems that people in the media cannot stop talking about electronic cigarettes and what it means for people looking to stop smoking.


There seems to be two schools of thought regarding the health implications of electronic cigarettes. On the one hand are people who are just completely against it. They are saying that electronic cigarettes help people smoke and this, in of itself, makes these devices inherently dangerous.

On the other end of the equation are people who say that using eCig juice and eCig mods should be applauded. These devices actually go a long way in helping people taper off their nicotine addiction. According to this crowd, when people use electronic cigarettes, they are well on their way to kicking nicotine once and for all.

Anybody who has used eCigs or has looked for the best eCig product online or possibly comparison shopped for eCig juice varieties would know that nicotine is just want part of the equation. There is just something awesome about using an eCig mod and picking out the right electronic cigarette from an online eCig shop.

You get a conversation piece. You get to create a lot of vapor when you use this device. It is not just something that you use to consume nicotine.

In fact, a lot of electronic cigarette oils currently on the market have absolutely no nicotine. There is absolutely no kick with these products. They do not deliver that come familiar nicotine buzz that constricts your blood cells, makes you a bit dizzy and gives you a nice rush. There is none of that. A lot of people still use these eCig juice concoctions because there is something awesome about using electronic cigarettes.

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A lot of critics completely miss this. They automatically assume that when people use these devices, they are only using it because they want to access nicotine. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you go to the typical eCig forum, in addition to Reddit eCig sub-forums, it is easy to see that a lot of people are excited about the whole eCig culture.

There is a certain attitude as well as atmosphere that people are drawn to, and this is why it is really a bad idea to think that all the health information about electronic cigarettes is going to be fair because, let’s face it, there is a huge push for regulations currently going on both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. A lot of health professionals say that eCigs and related devices are inherently harmful.

This misses the forest from the trees because, first of all, according to a UK study, e-cigarettes are actually a great way to help people kick their nicotine habit. If marijuana has historically been viewed as some sort of gateway drug to harder addictive substances, eCigs actually function the other way.


When people switch to electronic cigarettes, a significant portion of people actually are able to manage their smoking habits. Eventually, they are able to taper down and, before they know it, they are completely off nicotine.

This does not necessarily mean that they stop using these devices, and this is what stumps a lot of people. They simply cannot wrap their minds around why people would continue to use electronic cigarettes when there is no biochemical rush in it for them. They do not get it. They forget that using electronic cigarettes involves eCig mods, hanging out at online eCig stores and eCig forums.

They fail to see that there is actually an online subculture that has formed around electronic cigarettes. This goes beyond just looking for the best eCig product or comparing different eCig juice varieties. It goes beyond that. It definitely goes beyond looking for the right eCig battery or accessory.

There is just something awesome about the subculture that a lot of people who supposedly know completely overlook. Instead, we are left with sensational stories about eCig accidents. For example, when an eCig explodes, you do not hear the end of it. You get the impression that just because a specific and isolated eCig blows up that for all intents and purposes, these devices should be viewed with suspicion.

You are left with the impression that the typical e-cigarette has design flaws that make the run-off-the-mill average eCig pipe a ticking time bomb. I know it sounds hysterical and a lot of this really is due to social media. Let’s put it this way.

Which Facebook timeline update would get a lot more shares - something that talks about the isolated nature of an eCig pipe exploding or a really sensational news coverage every time an eCig blows up? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. You get a lot more clicks with bad news. As the old saying goes, in journalism circles, “When it bleeds, it leads”.

There is a lot of truth to that because whether you like it or not, part of the human condition is that we are drawn to train wrecks. We are drawn to bad news. That is just how it is, and this is why on social media you get a lot of this type of news regarding eCig health information as well as design safety issues.

Unfortunately, since there is kind of like an online hysteria about this inhalation device, it has fueled the call for even tighter regulations. This really is too bad because there is a tremendous amount of conflicting science out there.


Do not Overlook Conflicting Studies


There is a recent rush of studies that say that eCig oils as well as eCig liquids are dangerous, either directly or indirectly. However, at the other end of the equation are studies involving large groups of people where these dangers, while present, are minimized. So, who are you going to believe?

It is really important to understand context and comparative safety. Let's get one thing clear. When it comes to the dangers of smoking tobacco and the possibility of developing lung cancer, emphysema or any other health issues related to smoking, it is always a good idea to advocate the use of devices that eventually wean people off their habit.

Viewed from this perspective, there should be no health controversy about eCigs. It really is all comparative. Are you going to agonize over the health risks of using vaping liquids and eCig liquids when people who switch to these products are actually getting out of the cancer frying pan by refusing to light up the old-fashioned way?

It is Easy to Freak Out

Given all these conflicting science and given the sensationalistic approach, many news outlets have taken, as far as online eCig health information, it is no surprise that it is very easy for a lot of people to freak out. It is very easy for them to get the wrong idea. In fact, it is not surprising at all that there is some sort of Chicken Little mindset or hysteria about e-cigarettes.

Finding the Best ECigi Online Resources for Health Information can be Dicey

Given this context, it is no surprise that finding the best eCig online health resources for accurate health information can be dicey. There is a tremendous amount of alarmism on one end of the conversation. This is very easy to see. In fact, it is quite obvious.

On the other hand, there is also hype. Nobody in their right mind would say that electronic cigarettes or any other similar devices are one hundred percent safe. Any time you use any kind of device, there is always a risk for a wide range of accidents and problems. This is all just part of living in the modern world.

So, what should you look for? What kind of guidance should you look for if you are looking for the right health information as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned? Look for three things.

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The first thing that you need to look for is a full disclosure. If you are looking a health information at a website that sells e-cigarettes are eCig mods or accessories, the least you should expect is that there is some sort of disclosure about this fact. This way, there are no conflicts of interest. This way, you can rest assured that you are not reading hype, exaggeration or flat-out misinformation.

Instead, when you read the full disclosure, you know how to filter the information. You know that this information is written from the perspective of people accept electronic cigarettes as devices that enable people to enjoy an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.


Look for Even-Handed Fact-Based Presentations


After you have read the full disclosure, the next thing you should look for are facts. Beware of a website that just tries to scare you. Such information is not going to help you. Seriously. They may think that they have your best interest in mind, but they are not really doing you any big favors by scaring you.

You need facts for you to make a truly informed decision. This is why after you expect and read a full disclosure, you should look for facts, and if you find those facts, then you are in a better position.

Now, it is very important to look at the facts in context. In other words, look for an even-handed presentation of facts. You do not want to read something online that essentially sandbags you about the evils of eCig juice or how the typical eCig battery would lead to eCig explosions. That is not going to help you.

Sure, when you read a news item that discusses the factual background when an eCig blows up, you might be thinking you are reading news. However, whoever presents that information is not really doing you a big favor because an eCig explodes once in hundreds of thousands of uses. It’s not like every one of these products explodes. In fact, it is very rare.

Also, you have to look at how people use the product. Even if you come across articles that alarm you because it seems ecigarette devices are blowing up all over the place, it may turn out that the people using these devices were using them in a weird way or a way that the manufacturer did not recommend, anticipate, or even know about. 


As Mark Twain famously said, there are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. Statistics, depending on how they are presented and what kind of information is highlighted or downplayed and which type of materials are left in or left out can lie quite a bit. Sadly, if you are checking out health articles related to ecigs on social media, it’s too easy to get taken in by attention grabbing headlines and fail to see the statistical reality and context behind such sensational numbers.

Please note that you should also pay attention to where you get your information from. If you get your stuff from social media, please be extra careful. People who post stuff on social media have all the incentive in the world to sensationalize because they want to bait as many people as possible to click. So they go over the top or they over promise and under deliver. This is the nature of the beast and it is high time you are tuned into all these tricks.

The right statistical context has to be made. This is why it is really a good idea to look for the third factor called “context”.

Look for Contextual Presentation

Whether you are looking for vape accessories, eCig devices or eCig mods, look for proper context of the health and safety information. This way, you can get real information and you can rest assured that the information source that you are reading is not blowing smoke your way.

Keep all these in mind when looking for the right eCig health information. There is a tremendous amount of stuff on the Internet and, unfortunately, a large chunk of that either lacks context or is flat-out false.

Thanks for reading this and check with lots of great products.

Eva M.


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